Collection A Day

Here is a sampling from a great project, Collection A Day.


Nick van Woert (and his plastic)

Nick van Woert… I look at this and bash my head, this is the same material we used to create our wedding lights, which van Woert uses so simply and beautifully. Why didn’t I think of it first! Damn!

Feel like having fun with plastic? This stuff is the shit.

Wes & The Magical Vespa

After I posted a picture of a new desk chair Wes bought me yesterday, my brother called me and insisted that we should start a blog all about the crazy things Wes carries home on his Vespa.  It got me laughing, b/c what I once thought as ridiculously insane has sort of become the norm here.

We used to have a cheap little car here in Brooklyn, but after having it towed b/c of street cleaning, we found out that it was going to cost us $700 to get it back.  We decided it was more than the car was worth & said goodbye (even though a weeks worth of laundry was in the back!).  Since then, Wes uses his Vespa for everything.  Rain, snow, sleet, he almost always refuses to use public transportation.

Anyway, so not only does he ride it everywhere, he also uses it to carry EVERYTHING.  And I mean everything from a months worth of groceries from Costco, to 10 garbage bags full of Salvation Army donations (seriously), to even a 6ft work table (not kidding here).

So I thought I’d share a few snapshots of Wes + Vespa’s greatest hits..

A trip to Costco, complete w/ 40 lbs of cat litter

new Knoll chair he brought home for me yesterday

old school chairs (one trip), Wes’ work chair (one trip)

Brought this 32″ screen TV home from a store in Queens, for Christ’s sake!

The Grandaddy of all Vespa carries: the 6 ft table!

I didn’t witness this one, but our friend Michelle did, and made a comic about it

I’ll try to get a photo of him in action from now on..  I think you’ll all be impressed!

Style Icon Weekly Wrap-Up

Apologies for the slow week in postings, it’s been a bit crazy here!  Here is a little weekly wrap-up of what’s been going on over at THERSIC Style Icons:

Old School Video Games

Mark Warren Jacques

A Few Children’s Book Favorites

The Childlike Empress

Hitchcock Ladies

Clue (Mrs. White)

Ramona Quimby, Age 8

Also, thanks to the folks over at Etsy for featuring one of our favorite TSO’s on their blog!

Vintage: A Home

I may be the last person to know about the blog, Vintage, but when I stumbeled upon it, I spent almost an hour browsing.  Although I can’t read any of it, I gather a majority of it is the blogger’s own beautiful home.. which is pretty amazing.

Our Recycled Wedding Lighting

After hand stringing, wiring, & tool-dipping over 40 lights for our wedding (see post on that here), we just couldn’t justify getting rid of them.. Even if it did mean shipping them all back (bulbs included) from Georgia to Brooklyn.  If you have a tiny wedding budget like we did, you have to make sure some elements are sustainable, right?

Up until now they have been sitting in the box we shipped them in.. But since we are in the process of slowly redoing rooms in our apartment of 7 years, we finally decided to put them to use.   So Wes took about 7 or 8 strands, strung them together, hooked them up to an adjustable dimmer, hung them over our bed and Presto! New, but recycled lighting.

Details of Thakoon

WOW.  Thakoon’s new Fall 2011 collection has my eye popping.  The clothes are fun, colorful, and wearable, but what I really loved were the details!  Velvet booties, red and cobalt blue plaids (I swear this is the same fabric McQ used a few seasons back.. see my trench below), and not to mention the colorful knits wrapped in the models hair! Love.

On a side note, is this the same fabric as my Alexander McQueen trench?

Thakoon plaid

my McQ trench

images via Style

Say I Love You with a WTF Valentine

Happy Valentines Day, loves!  We would like to show you how much we love you by sharing some of the most inappropriate, creepy, suggestive, and questionable valentines ever printed.  Enjoy!

Is it just my pervert eyes, or..?

Don’t we all?

Nothing says ‘I Love You’ like a club to the head while topless

I think this may be illegal in at least 46 states

Uh, no comment.

Aww, cute little submissive pussy-cat!

Two things.. 1. Doc is wearing no pants.  2. Lady looks a bit like a blow-up doll, no?

World’s smallest clothes wearing, cigarette sharing cat

I asked Wes for boiled child this year.. Fingers crossed!


Style Icon: Sushi

We may have a new home for these, but we thought it might still be nice to post an occasional favorite, along with a weekly round-up of others. My brother challenged me to do a post on sushi (even though he doesn’t even like sushi), so I took him up on it.  I quickly paired it with BCBG Max Azria’s new Fall 2011 Collection.  Yum!

Also see our posts on:

- Roseanne

Neon Graveyard of Las Vegas

- Vintage Horror Movie Posters

- Sweet Home, Chicago

- The Munsters

images via Style & google

Yamaha DT175

Alright, I have seriously had enough of all this cold and whatever this frozen garbage snow soup on the sidewalks is. Here’s to spring! And by the way, if you are actually going to finally get a bike this year, last week was the best time to buy a used one- they start getting more expensive as soon as a glimmer of spring peaks into everyone’s minds.

With the snowplow induced potholes we are seeing in NYC, you might want to consider a classic enduro, such as this sweet old Yam, restored by HVC cycle

One Hundred and Eight, Nils Völker

Neat installation by Nils Völker, via Today and Tomorrow. Love the reapplication of computer fans.

One Hundred and Eight – Interactive Installation from Nils Völker on Vimeo.

One Hundred and Eight – Interactive Installation from Nils Völker on Vimeo.

New Home for THERSIC Style Icons!

Sorry for the delay and thanks for bearing with us!

We are happy to announce that we have a new home for our Style Icons on our sister-site: THERSIC Style Icons! Since it’s Fashion Week here in NYC, we didn’t want to overwhelm this blog with Style postings like we did last season, so we’ll be updating them on TSO and doing weekly updates about them here.

We’d also like to add, if you have any suggestions for themes, people, places, or things featured please let us know (via comment or email at kiersten (at)

Please excuse the delays.

We’re in the process of updating a few things on this here aging site, as well as adding a fun new feature!  More about all that soon.

k+ w

Kitsune Fall/Winter Lookbook

With Fashion Week right around the corner, and many Style Icons to come (and a new home for them too!), I’m sure the fashion posts will over run things on the web in no time.  That being said, I just had to post these simple, Americana pieces from the Fall/Winter 2011 Kitsune lookbook.  Simple, but classic.

via Hypebeast

1958 Indian Woodsman

I honestly had no idea Indian ever made a scrambler! Buy it here.

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