Buffalo to Toronto

Here to There #19.  Last Thursday.


Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday to my lovely, amazing mother!  We love you.



General Curtiss Lemay’s Silver Wing Box

From the Wilson History & Research Center:

“This silver box featuring pilot’s wings belonged to United States Air Force General Curtis Emerson LeMay (1906-1990). LeMay organized the strategic bombing campaign in the Pacific Theater of Operations during WWII (1939-1945), organized the Berlin Airlift (1948) and restructured the Strategic Air Command of the United States.”

I think LeMay had an eye- this box is great. I hope the polish stays away because this patina is beautiful. It’s worth clicking on these photos for a closer look.

Dane Rowe Has A Fan Club

Dane Rowe has a Fan Club, inspired by her mix of style, looks and fearlessness on the racetrack. She’s an interesting lady, a coin expert now.  She was a sidecar-racer in the late 1960′s and 70′s, racing with her husband,  sidecar innovator Rudy Kurth.

Crazy Quilt, 1885

American, from NY, 1885, via the Met

Busyman Bicycles

Busyman Bicycles is a Australian based maker of custom leather saddles and grip tape, etc. Nice work!

Heading to the Great White North

We are finally getting a chance to both travel together to visit friends up in Toronto today!   See you in a few days, and have a great weekend!


K + W

Balancing Blocks

I don’t know what it is that I can’t stop obsessing about these Balancing Blocks, but I love them!  Made in Brooklyn, these vintage-looking blocks are made from leftover wood from local furniture shops.  Don’t they look fun?  I know I could waste some time with these..



For the Beer Buying Biker

If I had a bicycle this pretty, I’d always volunteer to do the beer run.. I’d also spend an extra $20 to get this cute 6-pack holder (which is actually a bike polo mallet holder, but who cares?).


Cue the Pink Floyd, Here Comes a Nature Light Show!

Terje Sorgjerd spent a week capturing one of the biggest (and most beautiful) aurora borealis shows in years.  Shot in Pas National Park bordering Russia, while tepratures around -20° F.



Style Icons Weekly Wrap Up

I was only able to do a few posts over at TSI last week, but they’re all movie related for any of you film fanatics out there!

- Mr. Dark from Something Wicked This Way Comes

- The Time Machine (1960 version)

- Darth Maul & Spawn

Beverly Hills to Las Vegas

Here to There #18.   3 cities in 3 days.

Help Japan

Beautifully designed, and such a good cause.  100% of the proceeds go to Red Cross.  Buy it HERE.

Satellite Images of Japan Disaster

It is unbelievably sad about Japan.  These before & after satellite photos break my heart.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone there.

Also, my sister-in-law posted this terrifying, 1st person video of the Tsunami hitting.  It starts off slow, but will shortly make the hair on your neck stand up..

via yahoo

Eily ‘O Connell Rings

Really beautiful rings by Eily ‘O Connell, mostly made from glass and enamel.

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