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As soon as I saw Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring 2011 Couture line, I immediately thought of the beautiful photographs from one of my favorite books, Bird by Andrew Zuckerman.  When I started matching up birds to specific pieces, I couldn’t seem to stop!  Hence, the lack of editing.

images via Style and Andrew Zuckerman

Wednesday Night to Thursday Night

Here to There #16.  My 18 hour trip.

Several 1800′s Pistols

Via the excessively good “a time to get”

Chicken Point Cabin, Tom Kundig

Tom Kundig is among maybe my top 2 or 3 favorite architects. My lovely wife introduced me to his work  by giving me a great book on him, Tom Kundig: Houses. Among many others, this book covers the “Chicken Point Cabin” project, one of my favorites.  There is definitely something very warm about his work, while having a spacial severity at the same time. If I ever have the chance to design and build my own place, I am going to steal ideas from him shamelessly.

Maine Cap

A Korean War Veteran’s cap.

While The Warriors Roam, NYC 1973

Pretty astounding set of photos from the US National Archives, all from the summer of ’73.

My Favorite Books: Part V

Well here’s another another one that wasn’t published last year (decided just to  take the 2010 out of the title from now on), but as I acquired it recently, I’m adding it to the list.

When I was about 8, a TV advertisement used to run for a local “themed room” motel that was located nearby.  They boasted having a jungle room, a Queen of Hearts palace (w/ heart-shaped tub), a caveman cave, and even a knight’s castle.  After seeing it a couple of times, I begged my mom to let me have my upcoming birthday party there, unable to comprehend that it was for ADULTS ONLY.  Luckily my mom sort of ignored the request and suggested that I have a sleepover at the house instead.

Anyway, when I saw this book, Love Hotels: The Hidden Fantasy Rooms of Japan, I was obsessed.  Alien Abduction Play Room?  Check.   Hello Kitty S&M Room? Check.  Subway Car Room? Check.  They even have a Gulliver’s Travels Room with some sort of creepy legged snowman.  Amazingly strange.

A few rooms:

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All images by Misty Keasler

Catherine O’Neil is having a bad day

105 years ago in Manhattan, she was having her worst day in weeks.

Corbin Electric Motorcycle

One of the first, if not the first, electric motorcycles to be serially produced. Around two dozen were made in 1974.

Colonial American Joined Chests

The Monsters of the Midway

People always seem a little surprised to learn that I’m a rabid football fan.  I don’t try to hide it, but I do tend to annoy people at dinner parties.  I live for the Chicago Bears and this Sunday they will be playing our oldest rival, the Green Bay Packers (boooo!) for a chance to go to the Super Bowl.  In anticipation of either the most exciting or disappointing weekend in the football season, I give you, the Chicago Bears of the 1940′s.

Sources Here, Here, Here

Four Blueish Things

My Favorite Books of 2010: Part IV

I meant to space these book posts out a bit, but my other post for today needs some editing, so here it is!  You can never indulge in too many books, right?  My other favorite book from 2010 wasn’t actually published last year (like the rest), but I did buy it last year, so I’m counting it anyway.

Otherworld Uprising, Shary Boyle

“Otherworld Uprising is the first major monograph for Toronto-based Shary Boyle, who is known for her uncanny and exquisite porcelain figurines that skillfully subvert the historical expectations inherent to this traditional material.  Through dream-like references to mythology and fairytales, her imagery illustrates female desire from a female point of view.”

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My Favorite Books of 2010: Part III

My third favorite book of 2010 was The Surreal House by Jane Alison.  Published in conjunction with a Barbican Art Gallery exhibit of the same name, it brings together a unique blend of art, photography, film, and architecture, while exploring the idea of dwelling as a place of mystery and wonder.

It explores “the home” in every surreal sense of the word, including “the haunted house, the cabinet of curiosities, the ruined castle, the cage, the cave, the box, the labyrinth, the bell jar, and the womb” all while showcasing classic and rare surrealists works.  Beautiful images and well written.

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Greenhouse Cabinet

I absolutely adore this greenhouse cabinet by Marije van der Park, which is filled with homegrown edible plants.

“The cabinet is made out of scrap steel from industry, old greenhouse glass and used oak. The plants are locally gathered from people who home grow edible plants in the garden or allotment.”

via MocoLoco
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