Big Ol’ Wedding Post II: Pre-Ceremony

I mentioned this before, but we’ve had a few requests for wedding photos (you’re all sweet by the way, so thank you) and we finally have some to share.  But I don’t want to bore the rest of you with our entire family slideshow, so I think I’ll divide it up into a couple seperate posts, so not to overwhelem you with too much lovey-dovey stuff.

Our dear and very talented friends, Jason & Rebecca Walker photographed us that day and did an amazing job despite the Georgia heat, bugs, and afternoon thunderstorms.  We were so lucky to have them there, because Wes and I are typically super awkward in front of the camera, and they kept us laughing and feeling comfortable all day.  Click any group to enlarge.

One of my favorite parts of the day.. hanging out with my sisters, Mom, and best friend drinking coffee & getting ready

Wes got ready with his guys at our friends’ beachhouse.. These quickly became some of my favorite photographs of  our friends of all time

Wes & I decided that we wanted to see each other and hang out a bit before the ceremony (highly recommended to those of you getting married, it really relieves the nerves!), so we went to his grandfather’s timber plantation, where Jason & Becca set up a simple and sweet ‘reveal’

We then took a few more shots including a few with Wes’ old (and still much loved) cars, and even a few with one of the crazy dogs that likes to hangout around the plantation.  From there we were off to the church (which was only a mile away)

More coming soon!

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DIS does GIFs

I’m loving these photographs and animated GIFs by DIS Magazine.

Click here for more goodies.

Amanda Nedham

While searching for some inspiration for an editorial illustration I’m working on, I came across Amanda Nedham’s work.  Alas, it has nothing to do with the job I’m doing, but it did distract me from it while I spent some time on her site.  Dark, creepy, lovely, and right up my alley.

via booooooom

Tiny Stove

Now that it’s getting really chilly around here, Wes keeps talking about how we need to make a apartment-safe fireplace (if such a thing even exists).  Though this will never happen, I still love the idea of a small wood burning something heating this place up.  Which brings me to this cute wood-burning stove designed by Wuehl Yanes.. it will go great in my nonexistent cabin in the woods.

via blog deco design

Old, Moldy, Cute, & Miniature

Constructed from plain black paper, these miniature houses were covered with flour and a layer of mold by artist Daniele del Nero to portray old abandoned houses.  It may be the toy collector in me, but I would love to add a couple of these to my display case.

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We Are Thankful

For these wonderful people, places, and things, for making this past year so memorable.  Thank you so much from the both of us.  We hope you all have a Happy (and safe) Thanksgiving!


K + W

(click to enlarge)

ELLE Girl Korea (teenage Kiersten screams, ‘OMG!’)

I was so honored to be contacted by ELLE Girl Korea for a feature in their December issue.  I answered a few questions for them, but I’m not sure what they ended up using, since reading a second language hasn’t ever been my strong point.  :)  It still makes my inner teenager squeal with joy though.

And I have to say, it’s been a while since I picked up a teen fashion magazine, but boy,  have things sure upgraded!  I was seriously impressed with the elaborate photoshoots and beautiful spreads.

Anyone read Korean?

UPDATE:  A lovely reader translated this for me in the comments below.. I think the text going from English to Korean back to English, a few things got lost in translation, but I think you can get the gist of it.

Busy Busy

Sorry we’ve been away!  We’ve had a whirlwind week made up of birthday dinners, drinks, work, and traveling (not to mention, some major computer problems.. grrr).   Regardless, here’s a little sampling of what we’ve been up to while we’ve been away:

I had fun painting luggage tags & wallets during events at Reed Krakoff

We had a quick 2 1/2 day trip to Georgia for Wes’ BFF’s wedding

Great food, sunsets, and beaches.. Hell yes.

Came home & spent some down time with this furry beast (yes, I’m referring to cat AND husband)

Happy Birthday, Kiersten!

Happy Birthday to the other 1/2 of THERSIC and to our older brother, Justin (yes, they’re 5 yrs apart, but share a birthday)!

Just make sure not to give her any ‘Play & Learn’ puzzles this year

Cobblestone Road Printer (!!)

Ok this machine blows my mind.  It’s like a giant printer that lays out cobblestone roads!  With this, you can charm up your street (hello, Bushwick!) at 400 yards/ day.

Watch the short video to see this baby at work.

via Freshome

Bathing Masters Tea Bags

Our dear friend, Miss Courtney Wotherspoon, came to town this weekend for the annual American Illustration – American Photography party (the best party of the year, in my opinion!) and came toting gifts!  She brought me this adorable set of Genious &InsaniTea tea bags by Donkey Products, that I’m not sure if I ever want to use because they look so cute packaged together.

In addition to these master artists, you can also choose to also buy a set of rockstars, fashion designers, the royal family, politicians, and/or classic movie stars, just to name a few.

David Shrigley Bedtime Story Pillowcases

This is such a great gift idea for anyone who is a fan of Shrigley’s work. Available at Third Drawer Down.

Click below to read the whole story.

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Staircase Storage

Oh boy, we could sure use this in our studio!  The problem living in a loft for us has been too much stuff and absolutely NO storage.  We both complain about having to see everything we own all the time, and even if it’s organized (which is rare) it still can be overwhelming for the eye.  This staircase storage unit by Danny Kou would be the perfect solution.

via furniture store blog

Chris Gilmour

Chris Gilmour forces cardboard to yield… nice stuff from 2002-2004, see more of his work here.

Travel by Air Ship 1938

A good idea in 1938:

The new ‘flying tube’ airship. Washington, D.C., Mar. 14. Immediate commercial development of a new lighter-than-air airship of novel design, which its engineering sponsors believe will revolutionize air transportation, bringing safety, speed, load capacity, and easy maneuverability to airship performance, was announced today. Air sucked through the tube will create a vacuum in front and give a propulsive kick at the outlet. Universal joints will be located at the entrance and exit of the tube, moving in any direction of the air intake and outlet, thus steering the flying tube. The ship will be entirely metal clad and the lifting power will be helium gas in aluminum partitions. Garret W. Peck, designer and vice pres. in charge of construction, left; and Clifford C. Jones, specialist with the Inter-Ocean Dirigible Corp., right, with the working model of the ship

This would be a great idea now, too, except use composite skin instead of aluminum.  I’d like to travel by Air Ship!

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