Sofa, Coffee Table, Mini Volcano

French designer Nelly Ben Hayoun wants volunteers to live with a volcano in their home as part of her new project.  Called The Other Volcano, the project comprises a porcelain model of a volcano filled with explosives that can erupt at any time.

Read more about it HERE.

The Other Volcano by Nelly Ben Hayoun

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Filament Lamps

British designers Scott, Rich & Victoria have created the Filament Lamps, which are a contemporary re-interpretation of the handmade carbon filament lighting from the mid nineteenth century.  These kind of remind me of these dental floss & glue sculptures I made in Girl Scout camp ages ago, but in the best possible way.

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NYC Subway: 100 Years in Photos

The NY Times just featured 100 years of the Subway system, with a few decades I’m glad I wasn’t around for.. I’m lookin’ at you 1980′s!






Check out more HERE

What I Played

This weekend was my brother & soon-to-be sister-in-law’s dual bachelor/bachelorette party held at the awesome Galloping Ghost Arcade, in Brookfield, IL.  $15 gains you unlimited access to over 150 of the best (and worst) vintage arcade games ever made.  I highly recommend this place, they stay open to 2am every night of the week and were even holding a Street Fighter Competition the night were were there.

Here’s some of what I played:

The Inverted Chain Dome

Kind of sounds like a garage band from the 90′s, no?

Designers Gijs Van Vaerenbergh have created an inverted dome from a group of chains hung inside a church in St-Michiel Church located in Leuven, Belgium.  The chains are suspended from the roof, right below where the building’s missing dome should be.

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My Parents Loved Halloween

Special thanks to my brother (who’s getting married next weekend!) for forwarding me the site, My Parents Loved Halloween. Awesome vintage snapshots of great old school Halloween costumes.  Perfection.

Bathing Girls Tea Set

While I was compiling a small holiday gift idea list for the blog, I ran across this Bathing Girls tea set designed by Esther Horncher.  I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to cut back on my coffee consumption by drinking tea once in a while, so I’m now telling myself that if I had this tea set, I would drink more tea.  I know that’s a lie disguised as rational thinking, but I still would really love to own these anyway.

Jean Paul Gaultier for La Perla Preview

A match made in sexy-1980′s-Madonna-undergarments heaven, this collection makes me desperately want a bra with attached shoulder pads, for no functional reason.  The outrageously priced ($600+ for a pair of panties?  Geezus) but beautiful La Perla collection by Jean Paul Gaultier hits stores in November.

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Where Do Good Bikes Go When They Die?

We used to have this group of ‘artists’ who would work on the 1st floor of our building.. which typically meant standing around smoking in the hallway and throwing parties.  Also on the 1st floor was my old trusty bike that suffered a flat tire at the tail end of Fall, which I never fixed because it soon became winter.  One day I came home and as I put my key in the door, I realized that what was formally my bike was now hanging splayed, Silence-of-the-Lambs-man-hanging-crucified-in-a-cage-style in the gallery’s window as some sort of horrible art school dropout joke of a sculpture.  I realized then that my bike had led some sort of life of sin and was now being punished in Bicycle Hell.

So be good all you bikes, and you may end up made into one of these incredible chadeliers by Carolina Fontoura Alzaga.

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Vintage Packaging & Fumes

More vintage packaging.  This time, household poisons!

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Sliced Bunker

A supposedly indestructible bunker is sliced open as part of a project by Atelier de Lyon and Rietveld Landscape. Really amazing.

Read more about it here.

original bunker:

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Naughty Embroidery

I was browsing around for vintage handkerchiefs and came across these amazing “naughty” tea towels from the 1940′s.  I love that these risque beauties even come with 3D ta-tas!

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Safety Bike

Style Icon: Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

I knew there was something in the colors of Jil Sander’s S/S 2011 collection that seemed familiar.  Then while working the other day, I turned on reruns of one of my favorite cartoons, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, and realized that some of the characters shared the same color palette!

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Work it, Great Grandma!

I love these photos of vintage torturing exercise devices.  Also, I need to find workout gear like this.

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