Double-Sided ABC Pillows

I’m a sucker for collecting things that run in series (just ask my toy cabinet), which may explain why I’m so crazy about Elsie Dodds alphabet pillows.  Each pillow is designed with things that represent the specific letter printed on the back, which makes for twice the decorating possibilities.

all images via Elsie Dodds

Style Icon: The Death Eaters

I’ll admit, I have Potter fever bad..  I must have watched the Deathly Hallows trailer at least a dozen times.  So when a friend of mine challenged me to do a Death Eaters Style challenge, I couldn’t resist; especially with Paris Fashion Week just starting.

So here’s a little sexed-up version of the Death Eaters paired with the Nicolas Andreas Taralis S/S 2011 collection.

images via Style

More Frankenstein Furniture

It’s no big secret that I’m a big fan of redesigned, deformed, and/or made-into-new furniture.  A few pieces from Jetske de Groot’s Multiple Family series.

Style Icon: Drive-In Movie Theaters

So my brother likes to challenge me when it comes to these Style Icons (as you may recall last week), and Drive-In Movie Theaters was no exception.. You may have to suspend your disbelief a little on this one.  Paired with Moschino Cheap & Chic’s S/S 2011 Collection.

image via google search &

Confettisystem Makes a Pretty Party

I may be late to the game, but am just now stumbling upon Confettisystem.. a group of friends that make stylish party decor, jewelry, and other fun pretty things.  I may just go quit illustration and  go intern for them.

Style Icon: Harry Caray

I don’t mean to turn this into an Icons-of-Chicago blog, but when I saw the beauty section of Dsquared² S/S 2011 collection, I couldn’t help but think of beloved former Cubs announcer, Harry Caray.

images via Style

This cat is my hero..

click image to view video.

West Side Highway to Williamsburg Bridge

Here to There #12

Land Carpets

Every time I fly back to the Midwest, my favorite part is flying over the farmland because it makes such incredible patterns.  So when I saw  these land carpets by Florian Pucher, I fell in love.  Made in a limited number, you can choose between Eurpe, Africa, the Netherlands, or the USA.

via coolhunting

Style Icon: Strawberry Shortcake & Friends

A true child of the 80s, I was obsessed with all things Strawberry Shortcake.  I still own all of my dolls and can’t seem to part with them..  I suppose that’s why I have a bit of a soft spot for D & G’s new S/S 2011 collection.

images via style

Style Icon: Mike Ditka

Ok, now this one was tough.  My brother challenged me to create an Icon from probably the world’s manliest, least fashionable, Chicago legend and former football coach of the famous 1985 Chicago Bears.  Tricky.  I ended up pulling from Z Zegna Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Bastian, and Gant by Michael Bastian S/S 2011 collections.

Let me just say this, you really need a moustache and a ‘fuck-you’ attitude to pull off short shorts and still look macho.

images via style

AllSaints Window Display

I passed by the AllSaints Spitalfields that opened somewhat recently in SoHo the other day and the window display stopped me in my tracks (which is nearly impossible to do with the heavy flow of people-traffic cruising down Broadway). Dozens of beautiful vintage Singer sewing machines are stacked on shelves that go floor to ceiling, and the interior of the store houses even more industrial sewing machine equipment.

I didn’t have my camera at the time, so I had to google image search most of these.  Some of them come from the London shop (the window display on top), but are still have the same, beautiful aesthetic. Click for larger image.

images via FashionWindows & Thought Patterns

Manot Concert Band, North Dakota 1919

Play the tuba & watch the wheat grow.  They guy on the first row, left? He can’t read music.

Moop Bags

I’ve been on a search for a can-be-used-for-a-million-things-without-breaking tote, ever since the freebie giveaway canvas bag I got from the library finally gave up and passed on.  On my endless and sometimes frightening search through Etsy, I finally came across Moop and stopped!

The Pittsburg-based studio handcrafts their bags from water resistant cordura, canvas, and organic cotton into simple, affordable, perfect totes, messengers, and market bags.  Putting this on my birthday list for sure.

images from Moop shop

Style Icon: Matt Leines

I’ve been such a huge fan of Matt Leines work ever since I participated in a few group shows with him a few years ago.  When I saw the new collection from Holly Fulton as past of London Fashion Week, it reminded me somewhat of the color, pattern, and shapes Matt uses frequently in his work.

images via style
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