The Vogue Italia Controversy

I’ve seen this Gulf oil spill-inspired spread from a recent issue of Vogue Italia around on various sites and I know it has drawn a lot of criticism.  I personally think the photos are haunting and beautiful, but yet still evoke the same sense of sadness that those previously published in various media publications.  Since the spill has been an ongoing topic in the media, it was only a matter of time before other media outlets (ie: fashion magazines) dealt with it.

Of course everyone is entitiled to their opinion, and I think some may argue that this spread exploits the spill and the sadness that surrounds it, but I think that Vogue rather smartly used this spread to make a statement and bring more awareness to all of those effected by it.

images via refinery 29

American Silver

American Silver. Sugar Bowl from Providence, 1790. Fancy sugar.

Indestructible British Canvas

I have been using this WWII era, British Army surplus packs for years.  These things are pretty much bulletproof; made of khaki canvas that is measured in lbs per yard, not ounces.  I’ve had two of these backpacks in the last 12 years or so, and have used it as a carry on, my main luggage while hitchhiking, and have had it on my back to and from work every day. You could load bricks or gold bullion in it and not have to worry about the canvas or stitching.  Over time the straps have worn away but never the pack itself.

What is funny about these packs is that they are a massive pain to use… the straps are too thin and they cut into your shoulders.  The buckles to close the pack are tedious and difficult.  I use them and wonder… why?  I’ve finally realized that it is simply just the canvas!  You can’t find canvas like this anymore.  So, somebody, get a mill to make this stuff again (if they still grow this kind of super-cotton) and update these packs.  Here is what would make it better: wider straps and metal quick connect closure.  The brass buckles are beautiful but just too difficult.

In the meantime, I recommend you hunt down the last of these packs, at 60 years old they are getting harder and harder to find.  One place I have seen them is Belmont Army Surplus in Chicago.

A Few Things Observed in Georgia

We have so many great non-wedding photos from our two weeks down in Georgia, that I feel like if we don’t post some of them, they’ll be filed into one of our many virtual folders never to be seen again.  Round #1.

Surprised to learn that Wes had a previous modeling career in the chicken industry?

Disappointed not to see any children moving in slow motion

Still trying to figure out what the hell these giant tires could be used for

A sign outside a small antique store & straight to the point

My brother thought this may translate to ‘git-R-done’

Even the electrical boxes are friendly down south!

Comedians, please steer clear of this airport

Black & Blue

If Rosemary Woodhouse only dressed in black and blue, I’d imagine it would look a little something like these pieces by Orla Kiely.  If it’s good enough for the devil, it’s good enough for me.  Perfection!

via abeautifulmess

Hot Ladies, Hot Chocolate

As the sister to a real-life chocohalic, I always have my eyes peeled for a pretty bar of chocolate, or in this case, nice packaging for a cup of the hot stuff.  Designed by Kyle Tezak for Mindy’s Hot Chocolate in Chicago, the labels can be peeled back for a fun little peep show.. plus, I’ve heard their hot chocolate is killer.

Slightly Windy

Well, isn’t this just the prettiest music box you ever did see?  Designed by José Ferrufino,  the movement of the musical mechanism (it plays Son of a Preacher Man by Dusty Springfield!) causes sticks of barley to gently sway.  Lovely.

via dezeen

Paper Moon

These paper sculptures by Richard Sweeney really blew me away.  Cut, folded, and constructed from paper, I can’t begin to imagine the precision and thought that goes into each one of these.

From the artist: “Any form imaginable can be rendered through drawing, but when modelling in paper, an object has to be physically shaped. When faced with a flat sheet of material, there is no obvious indication of how it can be manipulated into a three dimensional object. The limitations of paper as a form making material offer a challenge, which through playful investigation results in tangible models.”

via kingdomofstyle

..In the Conservatory, With the Candlestick

Silversmith, Victoria Delany, designed these set of candlesticks in silver and lacquered wood. The central wooden parts are interchangeable making an endless number of interesting and colourful combinations as well as allowing you to make them as tall or short as you would like.

via daily icon

Just Married!

Well, it’s official!!  These two love birds are finally married!  We had an absolutely incredible two weeks on Saint Simons Island, GA preparing for our little DIY affair and with lots of help from friends and family, we were able to pull off our perfect wedding.

The days before were incredibly hot & sweaty, filled with more than a few Jurassic Park bugs, and we ran into some major bumps in the road, but when it came down to it, I don’t think we would have had it any other way.  The love we felt that day for each other, our close family, and amazing friends was irreplaceable and will be remembered for a lifetime.  We are blessed!

We’re planning a big post of details coming up in the near future, but we need to first edit through a major amount of photos.  Our incredibly beautiful and talented friends, Jason & Rebecca Walker photographed the wonderful day of, and we are just dying to see the magic they worked.  Until then, thank you for the warm wishes now back to your regular scheduled programing!

photo courtesy of Carla Cox

Bike Wall

A bike shop in Altlandsberg, Germany chose to create a wall of bikes in lieu of a sign, which makes for a pretty stunning sight!  I would love to see how many were stolen over night if they tried this in NYC.

via brandflakesforbreakfast

Hitchin’ Time

Well the time has finally come, dear Thersians!  We are leaving for Georgia today (a little over a week before the actual wedding) and are really looking forward to spending lots of time on the beach eating BBQ with our friends and family..

We’ll try to post here and there when we can, but regular scheduling will properly resume when we return, August 25th.  We’ve got some big plans this upcoming Fall (no, not babies, Mom) that we are excited to share with you in the coming weeks!  Until then, have a lovely 2 weeks and thank you for your loyalty!


Kiersten + Wes


Tiny Pencil Sculptures

Sorry things have been kind of slow around here the last few weeks, we’ve been really busy working nonstop annoying each other..  aka: fine-tuning our wedding details.  But, only a week and 1/2 until hitchin’ time!

Anyway, these miniature sculptures by Dalton Ghetti, made on the tips of pencils, are pretty incredible! He uses a razor blade, sewing needle, a sculpting knife, a steady hand, and a crazy amount of patience to create these tiny works.  Wow.


now THIS is a beach house!

I first thought this house was Photoshopped on this cliff..  what an amazing location!!  Located close to Slaughterhouse Beach in Maui, it was designed by Olson Kundig Architects with the concept of a surfing hut combined with traditional features.

The structure’s walls are constructed from rammed earth. In this process, different local earth-based mixtures are packed together, and the resulting striated layers are visible both inside and outside the building. The walls blend in with the surroundings, are low maintenance, virtually fireproof, and a strong barrier to sound.”  Amazing!

via freshome

Felt & Leather

Ok, now I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel that is summer, with little bits of Fall fashion popping up in stores and football season right around the corner.  I’m also looking forward to doing lots of traveling for 3 weddings, 2 holidays, and one mini getaway of our own!

Which means I’m on the lookout for a good ol’ travel bag that can actually fit into an overhead bin, now that no one seems to want to check in their bags.  These bags by Gräf & Lantz seem like the perfect unisex bag, made of 100% merino wool and hand turned leather.

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