Moulton Bicycles

Interesting British bicycles, use of space frame is unusual.  Apparently Moulton Bicycle Company pioneered the whole small-tires-bicycle thing back in the ’60′s. More of these on Moulton’s site here.


Pretty Webs

I just love these beautiful hand made webs from textile artist, Shane Walterner.  Kind of wish that if I stopped cleaning my studio, these were the kind of webs that appeared instead of the haunted-house kind I normally get.

images via shane waltener

Cut and Serve States

I was cruising around Etsy yesterday and came across these adorable mini cutting boards by AHeirloom. Handcrafted from bamboo, you can even request that your city be marked by way of a little cut-out star or heart.  Pretty cute, huh?

1966 Honda CB175

Nice CB175 for 1k, amazing deal.  It is probably already sold.

“Up for sale is my 66 Honda CL160. This bike has been taken completly apart and rebuilt. Ready for vintage class racing or riding around town. Engine bored to 182, new pistons and rings, fresh seals, electronic ignition and carbs rebuilt. 2-1 wraped exhaust. GP shift pattern. CB175 front forks, Hagon rear shocks. New tires/tubes, brakes. Fuel tank cleaned and lined, new Petcock. All new cables. Entire bike has been safety wired to AHRMA standards. Charging system intact and working. Dry cell battery and solid state rectifier mounted under seat. Push Start only, the bike starts really easy even on flat surfaces. 7″ headlight.New wire harness, simple ignition/light circuits. No Key, factory Hi/low beam switch used as kill switch. Located in Amelia. $1000 firm. If you’re serious contact me via email through craigslist. no scammers / no tire kickers / PRICE IS FIRM.”

Your Helium Balloon Alternative

I don’t know where I’ve been or how I’ve missed this, but I just found out that the world is running out of helium..?!  It’s so endangered that it could run out in as little as 8 years.

In the case of a helium balloon crisis, there is now a solution for you, created by Clementine Henrion.  These Helium Eternal ‘balloons’ are in in fact made of fabric, stuffed, and hung from the ceiling; but they still have the same great effect.  Not sure about the rest, but you can purchase the rainbow HERE.

pics via designfiles

Graphite Magic

Holy hell, my eyeballs just fell out of my head!  These drawings by Marissa Textor are incredible.  I’m not 100% sure what her technique is, but she should guard it with her life..  or I may just try and steal it.

via boooooom


I kind of like this chair because it appeals to my very inner minimalist (I swear it’s in there somewhere!) and my slightly outer pack-rat..  Created by Stephan Schultz, this wire frame chair can be recreated into whatever the homeowner would like it to be.  I personally would love to add wooden planks to it, transforming it into a jungle gym for my lazy cat who needs to loose a few pounds.

A Modern Throne

I would love to own this siamese chair by Harush Shlomo, so I could put it at the front of my apartment, bark orders, and yell, “Entertain Me!!” at anyone who came over to visit..  just kidding I wouldn’t do that.

Ok, actually I would.

via chairblog

600th Post

We’ve been so awful about updates recently, apologies all around!!  3 1/2 weeks until Destination: Hitchin’ Time, but I promise things will be back to normal immediately following..  Until then, happy 600th post!!

Wine Barrel Floors

Wow, these floors are beautiful!  Fontenay Wood has created a line of flooring made from reclaimed wine barrels.  Pretty and green, I’m in love.

via 3rings

Worst. Airport. Ever.

I spent almost 8 hours at LGA airport yesterday waiting to leave on a flight to Chicago..  I am now convinced that a portal to Hell opens up there after 9pm.

Handwoven by Ruth Loebe

Ruth Loebe hand weaves each of her pieces with bright colored wool, in a way that is different from the next because she does not ever “want to get bored” with what she does.

Tortie Hoare Furniture

Tortie Hoare creates furniture from boiled leather, wood, and in some cases she adds a little linen.  She studied the medieval process of boiling leather to create armor, because she was interested in wanting to “create a clean piece of furniture where the leather and the wood flowed into each other.”

via dezeen

Summer Camp Collection

I have been loving Lizzie Fortunato jewelry ever since I actually stopped a woman in the store (I’m a creep by the way) to ask her who made the cute cloth flower necklace she was wearing.  What I really love about their jewelry though is the inspiration behind each collection..  I feel like each season is exactly in tune with things I love.

This collection, based on summer camp, is called Live Long Summer and uses found and recycled objects like belt buckles and vintage charms.  The pieces are braided, knotted, and tied, using sun-faded fabric and craft-tent-like beads.  Love!

Wes Gets a Little Older Today

Happy Birthday to 1/2 of Thersic, and the cutest redhead I know!

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