Ark Booktower

The Victoria & Albert Museum in London invited nineteen architects to submit proposals for structures that examine notions of refuge and retreat for their 1:1 exhibition. From these nineteen concept submissions, seven were selected for construction at full-scale, one of them being this massive book tower (almost 6,000 books!) by Rintala Eggertsson Architects. Pretty amazing, wish I could see the show!

On exhibition at the V & A until August 30th.

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Alexander McQueen Cruise 2011

I was a little skeptical when I heard that Sarah Burton was taking over as creative director over at Alexander McQueen, but I have to say, these first few pieces look really promising!  Inspired by Hans Bellmer’s dolls and samurai warriors, Burton states that it’s about a, “juxtapose the pale and the delicate with the bold and armorial. It’s about a highly structured torso that gives way to a more fluid silhouette or drop waists that lead to a finned trouser or skirt.”  Can’t wait to see more!

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Fine Little Shop

I stumbled upon Fine Little Shop the other day, and fell in love with practically everything!  The designer/creator, Elisabeth Dunker also runs a wonderful blog you can see here.


cutting boards

utensils & pillowcases

Thersic Press

So we opened a letterpress factory in our studio this past weekend, printing what seemed like 1,000,000 of our wedding invitations.. but we’re still not done.  Since we have multiple colors and 10 different printing plates, we still have a long way to go.  Despite it being scorching hot in the studio and the work extremely tedious,  it was also really satisfying seeing them come out. We’re definitely still letterpress newbies, but I’m kinda proud of them so far!

To be continued..

Patrick Hruby

If illustrations were a season, these pieces by Patrick Hruby would definitely be summer!  Really wonderful, fun work.

Ice Straws? Yes, Please

It’s 9:30am and it’s already 90°.  Since I’m always desperate to find new ways to stay cool, I would definitely try these ice straws.. even if they only lasted 5-6 minutes.

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The House of the Devil

My friend Marc has been bugging me to watch The House of the Devil (I have an obsession of well-made 70′s and 80′s horror films) for a few months now, but I just didn’t seem to have the time.  So last night, while I had about 1,000 envelopes to address, I decided it may be a good time to check it out..  WRONG.

This movie was so eerie and suspenseful, I soon abandoned the invites and found myself on the couch under a blanket seriously creeped out.  It’s like When a Stranger Calls, Rosemary’s Baby, and Don’t Look Now all rolled into one.  The real shocker though was when I found out that it wasn’t made in the 70′s, but only just last year.  Totally impressed.

Bionic Kitty

Oscar lost his two back legs when a harvester ran over them while he was napping in a field.  After multiple surgeries, he finally had metal implants secured to his ankle bones and is now walking pain free.

I admit, I got teary-eyed after watching the short video below.

Lightning Attacks Chicago

Does this mean that Chicago has a better chance of winning the lottery now?


Bent Basket for Bikes


Available HERE

Animal Rings

Handmade plastic and metal rings by Haoshi Design Studio.  Love!

Well this is depressing..

A shot from Orange Beach, Alabama.  My heart breaks.


Suspiciously Priced Bags

Of the two bags below, which would you rather buy?  I personally gravitate towards the one on the right.  But would I pay $100 more for it?

Well I sure hope not, because they’re actually THE SAME BAG.  The only difference is that Frost River (the brand) sells the bag for one price and then Blackbird sells the same bag for $100 more!  I guess hiring a photographer is more expensive than hiring an illustrator??

Where Americans Are Moving

I’ve just about wasted 30 minutes messing around on this map.  More than 10 million people moved from one county to another in 2008 and this map tracks those moves.  Click on any county and see the inward/outward movement..

Click HERE to try it out!

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One Village Coffee

This cute rebranding for One Village Coffee was created by Able in the hopes to get new people interested in the brand (well, duh).  It worked, I’m interested!  Now all I have to do is put my talented coffee tasting skills to work.. to be continued.

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