Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

We thought we’d start the celebration a little early with a little WWII and Korean War nose art. Nose art is an old tradition of artwork placed on the nose of military planes, most especially the bomber planes of WWII.   Most of the images were pinups, ranging from really well done Vargas-girl copies to cheesy Betty Boop types.

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How pretty!  This hammock by Ieva Laurina interacts with the air around it, making for a really dreamy, functional, sculptural hammock.

Brandon Pavan

I love the simplicity of Brandon Pavan’s photographs..  something in them reminds me of my parents old photo albums.

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Style Icon: Ozma of Oz + French Macaroons + Criminal Video

If Ozma (from Return to Oz), a bunch of pretty french macaroons, and the minxy-1997 version of Fiona Apple (via Criminal video) got together and produced a line of clothing, it may look a little something like Antonio Marras Fall 2010 line.  Love, love, love!

A Village of Houses Hotel

The iconic green wooden houses of the Zaan region are traditionally small and modest, but Wilfried van Winden found a way to use their characteristic architecture into an 11-storey hotel complex!  The Inntel Hotel will have 160 guest rooms, a bar-restaurant, swimming pool and a spa with a Finnish sauna and a Turkish bath.

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Toldeo Scale

I have to check in on Agent Gallery’s site every few weeks, whoever runs that place has a good eye. 1952 Toledo hanging scale.

Hi there, perfect summer shoe..

Get on my shoe rack immediately!  It appears that Need Supply will in fact, be supplying me with my needs in the shoe department all summer.

Cute & inexpensive gets me every time.

U.S. Navy Underwater Light

I was looking all over the internet the other day, trying to find an underwater light that was not a pool light- finally found it!  In case you have the same problem, this should save you some time.  Good for ponds. $125

Kung Fu bear WILL kill you

Umm, this is pretty much the best video I’ve seen in a while.  Some people say it’s fake, but I’m going with, THIS BEAR IS AWESOME!

Jeremy Geddes

Holy holy! I was so confused when I first saw this piece by the amazingly talented Jeremy Geddes, and it said “paintings by..”, b/c I could have sworn it was a photograph.  Definitely check out his site for more beauties like these.

click for larger view

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Japanese Lolita – 30° = Ruby

I have secretly always had a love for the Japanese Lolita style (those dresses are always creeping into my paintings), but I never dared to try and pull the look off myself.  So when I came across Ruby, I instantly fell in love!  It’s Lolita style scaled back so that that old ladies like myself can wear it out in public without other people thinking they missed Halloween.  As explained on their site, “Ruby is the feeling of innocence, play, magic, and love.”

Nixie Tube

Nixie tubes are the the coolest way to display a character electronically. Ipad, pod, neon, CRT tube, LCD display, plasma, none of it comes close to the Nixie tube.  I can’t really tell you why they are so cool, but I can show you.  Buy one here and here, or a kit here. Here is the wiki article.

Fun With Vehicles Round #1

Our top 2 options for the wedding.. having a hard time deciding.

Extreme transporting:

How to pick up hot girls 101:

Pinchers of Power The Car!

so it wasn’t actually floating words in space??

This is a pretty cool photo, showing how they actually filmed the opening credits in the good Star Wars films.

via SlashFilm

Stephen Eichhorn

Stephen Eichhorn is a Chicago-based artist who makes the most amazing plant collages.. my favorite being his “plant & cat” collages!  Check lots more of his work on his site and blog.

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