Paper Taxidermy

I ran across these paper & resin animal head sculptures on Etsy and thought they were really cute.  Created by artist/illustrator, Jennifer Khoshbin, you can see more at her Etsy shop HERE.


Railway Beach House

Another beautiful beach house done by Simon Conder in Kent, UK.  Remember this rubber house we posted a while back?  This one is just down the street!

They didn’t want to remove this old railway, so they just built it into the house.

Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland


Wendy Walgate

I really love pretty much everything about the ceramic work of Toronto-based artist, Wendy Walgate.

Building the Alaska Highway

It runs 1,523 miles.  It goes through through forests, across swamps, and around mountains. It crosses 129 rivers and five mountain ranges.  And it took 10,000 U.S. Army engineers and 6,000 civilians an incredible 258 days to complete.  Read the whole article HERE, it’s pretty amazing.

Nom Nom Nom

New images of Saturn’s moon, Mimas, have been released, revealing that it not only looks like the Death Star, but its thermal map looks like everyone’s favorite 80′s video game.

via Discover Magazine

Forgotten Disney Park

River Country was one of Disney World’s first water parks, but it shut down in 2001 (and has been pretty much untouched since).  Natural water sources were used, so you can imagine how many animals and other critters now call this place home.

Disney should consider reopening it as is and calling Haunted River Country & Wild Creature Kingdom..  complete with real gator watching.

via Uniquescoop

Resin Gems

As a user of resin myself, I can really appreciate someone who really knows how to use it well..  it’s not an easy task!  Dustin Yellin paints on thin layers of resin, then builds upwards.  So pretty.



I had to do a double-take when I first saw these amazing sculptures by M S Hove.  Constructed from polyurethane foam and plywood, he then went on to literally build a Cakeland within the gallery’s walls.  I’m telling you, you must take the 360° HERE.

via Superpunch

Excuse Me?

Unless this thing is secretly lined with gold & semi-precious stones, can someone please tell me why this olive green “distressed” T from Balmain costs $1,635?!

via Neatorama

Misha de Ridder

These beautiful photos by Misha de Ridder make me want to go on a road trip..  like this very second.

MAG 1924 Stayer

Gorgeous bike, seen on Yesterdays, a great site dedicated to vintage motorcycles. They have so many stunning bikes, it is a little bit of an overload for my eyes. Learn more about this bike here.

Zack Attack

This is by far the largest Memphis-Milano collection I’ve ever seen.  I don’t even like Mephis-Milano, and I’m impressed.  It kind of brings me back to the days I wished that I could hang out at The Max with Zack Morris & crew.

Dennis Zanone’s Collection

Saved by the Bell in the glory days

AC Slater showin’ the goods at The Max

via Core77

Katy Horan

I love the pretty detail and subtle creepiness of Katy Horan’s gouache paintings.   See more on her site HERE.

Symmetry Scarfs

Apparently spring is a tease, because it feels like the end of winter here in Brooklyn today.  I’m always looking for an excuse to add more scarfs to my growing collection, so when I saw these from Symmetry, I was tempted.

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