Antarctica in a Bag

Pretty series by François Delfosse.


The Smell of Fresh Concrete

Well, not really.  But each fragrance by Alexa Lixfeld does have it’s own scent, distinguished by a different colored concrete lid.

For the Fresh Herb Lovers

I don’t know about you, but it seems like every time I buy fresh herbs they go bad before I can use them a second time..  My solution may be investing in one of these.

Herb Keeper, Cuisipro

Herb Savor, Prepara

Snowed In

Mother Nature’s little impromptu blizzard left our roof buried alive.

Hello, Pretty

Well, I don’t read Russian, so the only info I can pass along about Maxim Sharov is that I love his bags, which are all handcrafted by the designer himself.

images via Maxim Sharov

Flooded City Reemerges

For the past 25 years, the city of Potosi, Venezuela, has been an underwater reservoir feeding a hydroelectric dam.  But due to a severe drought, the city has reemerged because of reduced water levels.

via Pruned

3 Vintage Openers

I love vintage bottle openers.  If I didn’t collect practically everything else, I would think about collecting them.  Here are just a couple of favorites I found on Etsy.

Cute Man & Wife, Hindsvik, $32

Drunk Guy, gerijarviscreations, $10

Creepy 4-eyed Lady, ZAGstudios, $165

Cruella de Vil’s 1927 Avions Voisin

Ok, maybe Cruella could not afford one, but she wanted to. via Southsiders

Maybe Bruce Wayne Bought It

Heritage Auction Galleries in Dallas just reported that a rare copy of Detective Comics No. 27, graded an “8″ on a scale of 10, from 1939  (where “The Batman” first appeared) just sold for a record $1,075,500.  Holy millions, Batman!

Sharky Tea Infuser

I saw this a while back, but just remembered it tonight when I was making myself some tea.  Need it!

Designed by Pablo Matteoda

Spring Rides…

Are you ready for spring? They are….

British Rat Survival Trike… This whole genre is a British thing… see more here.

Gizmo, is that you?

I am still laughing about this as I post.  I don’t even know where to begin..  Should I start with the fact that this Alex & Chloe skirt recreates Gizmo in grey tweed complete with ear pockets?  Maybe the fact that he has Swarovski crystal eyes?  Or how about that it looks like an alien-face bustle that’s being worn in reverse?

No, I know.  That even if, for a few laughs, you wanted to buy this thing to show up at work in, it’s gonna cost you $2,100.  Jeezus!

images via Alex & Chloe

The Life Clock

This clock, designed by Bertrand Planes,  runs at 1/61,320 the speed of a regular clock.. each number represents a year. If you manage to live through a full 360-degree sweep of the year hand, I’d say you’re doing pretty well!

Cute, Creepy, Creatures

Donna Wilson is a British designer who hand-knits strangely deformed creatures that seem to be inspired by the wonderful imagination of a child.  We have a couple of friends who recently had babies last year, and I’m dying to get one of these for an early birthday present!

images via Donna Wilson

Gallus Derby-Lux from 1945


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