White Rabbit by Nicholas Kirkwood

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is one of my favorite stories of all time, so you can imagine my excitement when I found out that Parisian department store, Printemps, had asked a few designers to design a piece based on it for their window displays in February.

The first piece I’ve seen so far has been Nicholas Kirkwood, who was inspired by the White Rabbit.  Kinda over-the-top, but it makes me really excited to see what everyone else comes up with.

Nicholas Kirkwood

Nicholas Kirkwood shoes


Free Inspiration.. Please?

I really hope some talented young designer soon decides to be inspired by cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema of the movie,  Let the Right One In, and bases a line of clothing on it.  I would probably most definitely wear it.

let the right one in

more pretty images:

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Old School Lights Done New

I can think of more than one place these vintage inspired lights could go in my apartment.  I especially love the antique looking bulbs.

anthropologie lights

from Anthropologie

DIY Junkyard

This reminded me of Wes so much that I had to repost it.  A few months ago the flusher on our toilet broke.  I came home from work and there was an antique doorknob in its place.  To flush, all you have to do is pretend that you’re opening a door.


via Core 77

This led me to discover more hilarious (and yet practical) DIY solutions:

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The Butcher: Joel Hester & The Weld House

Why is it that I am fine with taxidermy, and yet this art form turns my stomach? Revolting, but I can not look away:

Chevy hood

Chevy TableJoel Hester via dornob.com

“Snoopy” Leather Flying Caps

I just about passed out when I saw that Hermès was charging $840 for their leather flying caps (not including goggles)..  and what’s worse, they SOLD OUT!


Why not just do what I did and pay $33.95 (or $75 w/ goggles), by ordering yours from U.S. Wings?  Look at you, smartypants!

us wings caps

us wings

Images via Style, NYTimes, US Wings

Nice Blast Proof Cabinet

Need to Store Volatile Chemicals? No? Well, I bet you can think of something. See more here.

Industrial Steel Cabinet

Industrial Cabinet 2

Bee Super

Bee SuperModern bee hives are built of supers, this is technically a Langstroth hive. These supers are begging to be used in the house for something.  You can get them here.

Bee Super Hive

Vintage Listerine

I was surprised to find out that Listerine used to resemble a bottle of Chanel perfume back in the day.  Who knew?


More vintage Listerine below:

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Eye Candy

I saw these in Vogue Italia back in June or July, tore them out and saved them for no good reason.  I don’t know why, but it sure makes me want to buy an animal shaped hat against my better judgment.



more images below

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Circle Scarf, Wardrobe Wonder

This circle scarf by American Apperal is my new best friend.  I’ve had it for only 3 days and have already worn it 4 different ways.  Worth. Every. Penny.

circle scarf

Behold the wonders of the circle scarf:


See some more favorites below

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Material Focus: Oh Sheet Aluminum!

Formed sheet aluminum has the ability to make me weak with a greedy, covetous feeling. Here are a few nice examples:


1949 Petermax Muller , set on Flickr

Aluminum BSA

aluminum feathercraft boat

More below….

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Banksy on the Big Screen

British graffiti artist, Banksy, has been a favorite street artist of mine for a long time.  His high quality tags are not only an upscale alternative to the amature scribble, but they provoke thought and meaning as well.   I have to say, I’m pretty excited to see this (trailer below) when it comes out!


Style Icon: Freddy Krueger

My favorite horror movie character of all time.


Freddy K

Frye boots, Knife Ring Long Blades- reneeandriole, Red & Black sequin top- Luella, B & W knit top and leather hat- Karen Walker, chain knit scarf- BEAUREVOIR

4,000 Books

Someday I’d like to do this to my books.


via Anoul Kruithof

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