Second Skin & Shedding

These leggings by Camille Cortet entitled, Snake & Molting, change patterns as the wearer moves and the holes expand and contract.  Beautiful, but I wouldn’t want to be caught out at a bar when they decided to finally shed completely.

via dezeen

Donna Wilson Holiday Picks

We did a post on Donna Wilson’s cuddly creatures a while back, but when trying to put together a holiday list for friends and family (and myself, of course!), I found myself adding some of her things to it quite a bit.  Here are a few of my favorites that made the cut..

From the top: stockings, house pillow, skyscraper scarf, kitty plushie, redhead plate, ceramic 2 pups

David Shrigley Bedtime Story Pillowcases

This is such a great gift idea for anyone who is a fan of Shrigley’s work. Available at Third Drawer Down.

Click below to read the whole story.

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Big Ol’ Wedding Post I: The Prep Work

Alright, I know our wedding was months ago, but I’ve just recently been able to sit down and sort through all the photos!  Thank you for the kind emails inquiring about it, that really meant a lot to us.

Since practically every aspect of our wedding was DIY, I wanted to start with a few details of the prepping that went into everything.  It took an army of amazing friends and family to make our super low-budget wedding into something truly lovely.

While Wes and I started with creating our Save-the-Dates, designing and leterpressing our own invites, and went bottle collecting here in Brooklyn, my amazing mother started collecting a ton of items here and there at flea markets across the Midwest (they’re the best!)

She started by snatching up vintage handkerchiefs (seriously, I don’t think there are any more left in the state of IL) that she later sewed together to form our table runners.  She then bought vintage farmhouse sheets that were patch-worked together to form our table cloths, and also scored great deals on old metal drink dispensers that we put our spiked summer drinks in.  Martha Stewart’s got nothing on me ol’ mom!

Wes then began to create the central light fixture that was to be hung at our indoor/outdoor reception space.  He ordered wires, sockets, bulbs and some sort of magical tool dip and went on to hand-make each of our 40 hanging lights one at a time!  While he was doing that, I made and packaged pins for our guests and letterpressed dollies for the top our treat boxes.

I headed home to Chicago about a month before our big day to work on some projects with my family.  While my dad, best friend, brother, and sister-in-law folded over 2,000 paper dollies, my  mom, sisters and I started to string them together to make hanging garlands.

My mom and I then went into her garden and picked all of her lavender which we hung to dry (later to be used in the church), and then picked about 100 of her roses, pulled the petals and laid them out on two  large screens for drying (which would later be used for our guests to toss).  I had already prestamped cardstock, so when they finally dried, we packaged them up.

We then packaged up everything and some of it was shipped off to Georgia while the rest was packed Tetris-style into my parent’s car. Continued here:

Big Ol’ Wedding Post II & Big Ol’ Wedding Post III

Images via Kelly Essenpreis Jason & Becca Walker, and Yours Truly

Naughty Embroidery

I was browsing around for vintage handkerchiefs and came across these amazing “naughty” tea towels from the 1940′s.  I love that these risque beauties even come with 3D ta-tas!

via Thought Patterns

Where do you come from, giant potholder?

While browsing through one of my favorite interior photography sites, I ran across this amazing giant knit bed/loungey-thing that reminds me of a woven potholder kit I had as a kid.  Any idea who makes it?

images via

Style Icon: Jem, The Holograms, & The Misfits

The original style icons for me as an 8-year old, Jem provided the out-of-reach, you-could-be-living-better luxury standards I now look forward to in every issue of Vogue.  Paired with Louis Vuitton S/S 2011.

images via style and pranceatron

Double-Sided ABC Pillows

I’m a sucker for collecting things that run in series (just ask my toy cabinet), which may explain why I’m so crazy about Elsie Dodds alphabet pillows.  Each pillow is designed with things that represent the specific letter printed on the back, which makes for twice the decorating possibilities.

all images via Elsie Dodds

Style Icon: Drive-In Movie Theaters

So my brother likes to challenge me when it comes to these Style Icons (as you may recall last week), and Drive-In Movie Theaters was no exception.. You may have to suspend your disbelief a little on this one.  Paired with Moschino Cheap & Chic’s S/S 2011 Collection.

image via google search &

Land Carpets

Every time I fly back to the Midwest, my favorite part is flying over the farmland because it makes such incredible patterns.  So when I saw  these land carpets by Florian Pucher, I fell in love.  Made in a limited number, you can choose between Eurpe, Africa, the Netherlands, or the USA.

via coolhunting

AllSaints Window Display

I passed by the AllSaints Spitalfields that opened somewhat recently in SoHo the other day and the window display stopped me in my tracks (which is nearly impossible to do with the heavy flow of people-traffic cruising down Broadway). Dozens of beautiful vintage Singer sewing machines are stacked on shelves that go floor to ceiling, and the interior of the store houses even more industrial sewing machine equipment.

I didn’t have my camera at the time, so I had to google image search most of these.  Some of them come from the London shop (the window display on top), but are still have the same, beautiful aesthetic. Click for larger image.

images via FashionWindows & Thought Patterns

Style Icon: Matt Leines

I’ve been such a huge fan of Matt Leines work ever since I participated in a few group shows with him a few years ago.  When I saw the new collection from Holly Fulton as past of London Fashion Week, it reminded me somewhat of the color, pattern, and shapes Matt uses frequently in his work.

images via style

Pointer Brand

I had Pointer Brand jeans when I was a kid. Pointer Brand is still alive and making plain old American work clothes in Bristol, Tennessee. Their chance of survival is better now that they are big in Japan.  I just love companies that can do this, they make it in the USA and the prices are good.

Style Icon: Twin Peaks Backdrop

I have to start by saying that love Rodarte’s new S/S 2011 collection.  It reminds me of the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest, which of course always leads me to think of Twin Peaks (which was filmed in both the PNW and Northern California).  So I couldn’t resist pairing up a few pieces from the collection with stills from the show.

images via style & In Twin Peaks

Josh Blackwell’s Plastic Baskets

Wow, the world’s plastic bag crisis has just been solved!  Just simply have Josh Blackwell beautifully embroider them all, then hang them as art!  Such a nice alternative to using them a wastebasket liners and for scooping dirty cat litter into..

via craftzine

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