Nixie Tube

Nixie tubes are the the coolest way to display a character electronically. Ipad, pod, neon, CRT tube, LCD display, plasma, none of it comes close to the Nixie tube.  I can’t really tell you why they are so cool, but I can show you.  Buy one here and here, or a kit here. Here is the wiki article.


Infected Light Bulbs

I first saw Pieke Bergman’s work at Design Miami this past fall, when he did his Massive Infection series of glass vasses, created right on their wooden table display.  I was instantly fascinated.  His work is pretty incredible, especially his Light Bulb series, which he explains have been also been “infected with the dreaded Design Virus” and “have taken on all kinds of forms and sizes you wouldn’t expect from such well behaving and reliable little products.”

Staring Cats Light

Oh boy, do I want this Staring Cats light by Steve Bishop.  They kind of remind me of the Southern Oracles from The NeverEnding Story.. except minus the giant gazongas.

1910 Cage Lights

A while back I posted about some modern cage lights, but these here are the real deal..  and expensive too!  Each cage sold between $1,000-1,200 each on Rewire.

Stuart Haygarth

I saw Stuart Haygarth’s over at Emma & Eckford, and really loved his use of everyday objects from toys, to eye glasses, to bike reflectors.  The chandeliers below contain party poppers, items that were washed up along a coastline, and plastic wine glasses.  Check out his site for more.

Put that Ace of Base CD to use

This sort of reminds me of an old craft project I did at Girl Scout camp, but much, much, nicer.  German designer,  Johannes Heinzmann created this light from 100% recycled CDs.

Strand Lights

We have a staircase going up to our roof and recently Kiersten and I began the annual process of de-winterizing and re-summerizing our roof, which mostly entails sorting through the chaos of last years dead plants and broken glass from windstorms (I have this nasty habit of adopting old windows from brownstones and storing them on our roof).

Also an annual process: dealing with lighting. Every year I buy strands of white christmas lights for the roof, some years I spend more than others but invaribly they all fail by the next year.  Another (approximately annual) event is K and I going to Union Pool and me getting jealous of their lighting. I have been working on it and I think they are using commercial grade strands with G50 bulbs. So, if you are searching for good looking outdoor lighting, I would recommend starting with “G50 Globe Strand Lighting”.  I am going to find out exactly what Union Pool uses, and when I do, I will post it here.


I had to do a double-take when I first saw these amazing sculptures by M S Hove.  Constructed from polyurethane foam and plywood, he then went on to literally build a Cakeland within the gallery’s walls.  I’m telling you, you must take the 360° HERE.

via Superpunch

..and these never become popular why??

Carlo Heckman is an industrial designer I don’t know much about, but did a lot of work that went largely unrecognized in the 1950′s.  He’s starting to get some web cred these days, and I’m hoping this means that these go back into production:

via Core77

Old School Lights Done New

I can think of more than one place these vintage inspired lights could go in my apartment.  I especially love the antique looking bulbs.

anthropologie lights

from Anthropologie

Good Use for Old Toys

Kinda wish I had thought of this, seeing that I have a few boxes of  (lesser-than-favorite) toys that I just can’t justify getting rid of.

toy lamp copy

by Ryan McElhinney

Vintage Industrial (done exceptionally well)



see more below

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5′ Diameter Lampshade / Emergancy Car Floatation

Navy Mooring Buoy

I really like some of Ingo Maurer’s lamps.  One that I like is his XXL Dome lamp. As I remember, it will set you back about 18 grand. Well, I know quite a few of you are saving up for an XXL Dome, so before you pull the trigger on one, I give you an alternative, see more below…

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Architectural Artifacts

I could spend days (and a year’s income) at Chicago’s Architectural Artifacts in Ravenswood.  They have absolutely everything when it comes to furnishing my nonexistent dream home.


Argentina Iron & Glass Vitrine


Argentina Glass & Steel Candy Display


American Industrial Spotlight



I’ve been seeing this Antonio Palladino octopus ring around a lot recently, and still think it’s cute every time.


This was being sold at Barneys, but they’ve since sold out..  probably now to be found on Ebay!

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