Several pendants from Trainspotters



Toggles for your lamp cord..

I love these lamps by Vij5, because rather than get in the way, the cord becomes a sculptural element that the owner can control.  Plus, they remind me of the toggles that used to come on old Starter jackets back in the 90′s..  Simple, but brilliant!


Black Transformer Lights

These pendants are available here.

Cue the Pink Floyd, Here Comes a Nature Light Show!

Terje Sorgjerd spent a week capturing one of the biggest (and most beautiful) aurora borealis shows in years.  Shot in Pas National Park bordering Russia, while tepratures around -20° F.



Our Recycled Wedding Lighting

After hand stringing, wiring, & tool-dipping over 40 lights for our wedding (see post on that here), we just couldn’t justify getting rid of them.. Even if it did mean shipping them all back (bulbs included) from Georgia to Brooklyn.  If you have a tiny wedding budget like we did, you have to make sure some elements are sustainable, right?

Up until now they have been sitting in the box we shipped them in.. But since we are in the process of slowly redoing rooms in our apartment of 7 years, we finally decided to put them to use.   So Wes took about 7 or 8 strands, strung them together, hooked them up to an adjustable dimmer, hung them over our bed and Presto! New, but recycled lighting.

Chicken Point Cabin, Tom Kundig

Tom Kundig is among maybe my top 2 or 3 favorite architects. My lovely wife introduced me to his work  by giving me a great book on him, Tom Kundig: Houses. Among many others, this book covers the “Chicken Point Cabin” project, one of my favorites.  There is definitely something very warm about his work, while having a spacial severity at the same time. If I ever have the chance to design and build my own place, I am going to steal ideas from him shamelessly.

One-Off Crafted Flashlight

From a Chinese flashlight enthusiast,  this one-off flashlight in stainless steel.

Big Ol’ Wedding Post I: The Prep Work

Alright, I know our wedding was months ago, but I’ve just recently been able to sit down and sort through all the photos!  Thank you for the kind emails inquiring about it, that really meant a lot to us.

Since practically every aspect of our wedding was DIY, I wanted to start with a few details of the prepping that went into everything.  It took an army of amazing friends and family to make our super low-budget wedding into something truly lovely.

While Wes and I started with creating our Save-the-Dates, designing and leterpressing our own invites, and went bottle collecting here in Brooklyn, my amazing mother started collecting a ton of items here and there at flea markets across the Midwest (they’re the best!)

She started by snatching up vintage handkerchiefs (seriously, I don’t think there are any more left in the state of IL) that she later sewed together to form our table runners.  She then bought vintage farmhouse sheets that were patch-worked together to form our table cloths, and also scored great deals on old metal drink dispensers that we put our spiked summer drinks in.  Martha Stewart’s got nothing on me ol’ mom!

Wes then began to create the central light fixture that was to be hung at our indoor/outdoor reception space.  He ordered wires, sockets, bulbs and some sort of magical tool dip and went on to hand-make each of our 40 hanging lights one at a time!  While he was doing that, I made and packaged pins for our guests and letterpressed dollies for the top our treat boxes.

I headed home to Chicago about a month before our big day to work on some projects with my family.  While my dad, best friend, brother, and sister-in-law folded over 2,000 paper dollies, my  mom, sisters and I started to string them together to make hanging garlands.

My mom and I then went into her garden and picked all of her lavender which we hung to dry (later to be used in the church), and then picked about 100 of her roses, pulled the petals and laid them out on two  large screens for drying (which would later be used for our guests to toss).  I had already prestamped cardstock, so when they finally dried, we packaged them up.

We then packaged up everything and some of it was shipped off to Georgia while the rest was packed Tetris-style into my parent’s car. Continued here:

Big Ol’ Wedding Post II & Big Ol’ Wedding Post III

Images via Kelly Essenpreis Jason & Becca Walker, and Yours Truly

Filament Lamps

British designers Scott, Rich & Victoria have created the Filament Lamps, which are a contemporary re-interpretation of the handmade carbon filament lighting from the mid nineteenth century.  These kind of remind me of these dental floss & glue sculptures I made in Girl Scout camp ages ago, but in the best possible way.

via contemporist

Where Do Good Bikes Go When They Die?

We used to have this group of ‘artists’ who would work on the 1st floor of our building.. which typically meant standing around smoking in the hallway and throwing parties.  Also on the 1st floor was my old trusty bike that suffered a flat tire at the tail end of Fall, which I never fixed because it soon became winter.  One day I came home and as I put my key in the door, I realized that what was formally my bike was now hanging splayed, Silence-of-the-Lambs-man-hanging-crucified-in-a-cage-style in the gallery’s window as some sort of horrible art school dropout joke of a sculpture.  I realized then that my bike had led some sort of life of sin and was now being punished in Bicycle Hell.

So be good all you bikes, and you may end up made into one of these incredible chadeliers by Carolina Fontoura Alzaga.

via odditycentral

Blown Glass Lamps

Beautiful mouth-blown glass lamps by Produzione Privata, out of Italy.

via 2modern

Fancy Bulbs

I love these new low energy light bulbs by plumen! They use 80% less energy and last 8 times longer than regular bulbs.. plus, they’re good lookin’.  Sold!

via designboom

..In the Conservatory, With the Candlestick

Silversmith, Victoria Delany, designed these set of candlesticks in silver and lacquered wood. The central wooden parts are interchangeable making an endless number of interesting and colourful combinations as well as allowing you to make them as tall or short as you would like.

via daily icon

Buoy Lamps

Here’s a little summer lighting idea c/o PostlerFerguson. Made from jet cut plywood, it contains a central neon tube, is finished in bare wood and has hand painted fluorescent highlights.  Cute!

(And I’m trying to ignore any other possible shapes that one on the left may look like alone..  Or is that just me? Anyone?)


via designboom

U.S. Navy Underwater Light

I was looking all over the internet the other day, trying to find an underwater light that was not a pool light- finally found it!  In case you have the same problem, this should save you some time.  Good for ponds. $125

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