Several pendants from Trainspotters



Circuit Board Boxes

Circuit board boxes, available here.

Black Transformer Lights

These pendants are available here.

County Cork Painter’s Studio

Found my little home in Ireland!  It actually looks larger than it is, standing with only about 500 sq/ft, with the stairs, kitchen and bathroom all designed like that of a ship.. tiny and compact.

via ArchDaily

General Curtiss Lemay’s Silver Wing Box

From the Wilson History & Research Center:

“This silver box featuring pilot’s wings belonged to United States Air Force General Curtis Emerson LeMay (1906-1990). LeMay organized the strategic bombing campaign in the Pacific Theater of Operations during WWII (1939-1945), organized the Berlin Airlift (1948) and restructured the Strategic Air Command of the United States.”

I think LeMay had an eye- this box is great. I hope the polish stays away because this patina is beautiful. It’s worth clicking on these photos for a closer look.

Powdered Iron Slugs For RF Coils Set

I was doing some very belated powdered-iron-slugs-for-RF-coils shopping tonight, when I ran into this complete set from the 1940′s.  This set is so complete I’ll be set for a couple of months. Surplus Sales says: Stackpole Carbon Co., complete engineering set of powdered iron slugs for RF coils. 40 different types with 10 – 15 per tube. Various grades, screw sites & body diameters. We suspect Circa 1940′s.”

Vintage: A Home

I may be the last person to know about the blog, Vintage, but when I stumbeled upon it, I spent almost an hour browsing.  Although I can’t read any of it, I gather a majority of it is the blogger’s own beautiful home.. which is pretty amazing.

Our Recycled Wedding Lighting

After hand stringing, wiring, & tool-dipping over 40 lights for our wedding (see post on that here), we just couldn’t justify getting rid of them.. Even if it did mean shipping them all back (bulbs included) from Georgia to Brooklyn.  If you have a tiny wedding budget like we did, you have to make sure some elements are sustainable, right?

Up until now they have been sitting in the box we shipped them in.. But since we are in the process of slowly redoing rooms in our apartment of 7 years, we finally decided to put them to use.   So Wes took about 7 or 8 strands, strung them together, hooked them up to an adjustable dimmer, hung them over our bed and Presto! New, but recycled lighting.

Dan Grayber’s Mechanisms

These are pretty great, from sculptor Dan Grayber.

via today and tomorrow, who found it via BLDGBLOG

Scholten + Baijings and Hay: Linens

The second part of the collaboration between Scholten + Baijings and Hay that I love are the linens.  From silk-screened bed sheets to hand-dyed tablecloths, all in soft pastels and bright fluorescents.

images via Hay

Scholten + Baijings and Hay: Rugs

This collaboration between Scholten + Baijings and Hay is driving the greedy consumer in me mad.. I can’t get enough!  First up, the tufted and hand stitched carpets in pastels and simple brights.

images via Hay

Chicken Point Cabin, Tom Kundig

Tom Kundig is among maybe my top 2 or 3 favorite architects. My lovely wife introduced me to his work  by giving me a great book on him, Tom Kundig: Houses. Among many others, this book covers the “Chicken Point Cabin” project, one of my favorites.  There is definitely something very warm about his work, while having a spacial severity at the same time. If I ever have the chance to design and build my own place, I am going to steal ideas from him shamelessly.

Greenhouse Cabinet

I absolutely adore this greenhouse cabinet by Marije van der Park, which is filled with homegrown edible plants.

“The cabinet is made out of scrap steel from industry, old greenhouse glass and used oak. The plants are locally gathered from people who home grow edible plants in the garden or allotment.”

via MocoLoco

Abandoned Farmhouse Interior, Turner County Georgia

This time of year (with it’s chunks of nasty unbreakable snow-ice) always makes me a little wistful for my home state, though Georgia has had it’s fair share of cold this year too. I go on a little online roadtrip with the always excellent Vanishing South Georgia.  Doesn’t this set look like an interior?

5 Mirrors from Modern 50 (and a few other ideas)

I never can get enough of Modern 50, not just for their great mix of old stuff, but also their parade of nice photography. Plus I love the slate colored walls..  how did they do that, anyway? Makes me want to paint our place slate gray and get out big sponge for the texture, though that has an even chance of ending up like a bad home improvement show.

But here is something you can do: create a mirror.  More about that after these five:

One thing that we have noticed is the vast majority of our readers are artists & designers, so many of you know what you want and do not shy away from making it yourself.

So, where do you buy a mirror?  Make it.  If you are in Brooklyn, get antique mirror from Bear Glass.  They have good antique mirror, and it really isn’t that expensive.  Make a frame, or design it and find a woodworker to craft it for you, and if you are looking for a woodworker, I know a few.

One more resource-  If you are in Manhattan & have a Manhattan budget, go to Sundial Schwartz- they make their own mirror, and can do pretty much any sort of type of antiquing you can imagine.

Hey, if you do end up making your mirror, send us pictures!

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