Four Tiny Devices



Specimen Horn Speakers

Specimen horn speakers- made in Chicago.



Brooklyn Motorized in The NY Times

So excited!  The electric motorcycle that Wes has been helping design & create for Brooklyn Motorized is being featured in the NY Times today! I’m so proud.

Read the article HERE.

images via NY Times

For the Beer Buying Biker

If I had a bicycle this pretty, I’d always volunteer to do the beer run.. I’d also spend an extra $20 to get this cute 6-pack holder (which is actually a bike polo mallet holder, but who cares?).


Powdered Iron Slugs For RF Coils Set

I was doing some very belated powdered-iron-slugs-for-RF-coils shopping tonight, when I ran into this complete set from the 1940′s.  This set is so complete I’ll be set for a couple of months. Surplus Sales says: Stackpole Carbon Co., complete engineering set of powdered iron slugs for RF coils. 40 different types with 10 – 15 per tube. Various grades, screw sites & body diameters. We suspect Circa 1940′s.”

Leica M4

This was photographer Garry Winogrand‘s last Leica M4, and nicely worn!

Kaweco Aluminum Fountain Pen

I don’t own one of these, but I want to! German, aluminum, and costs around $50 here.

via Kev.1′s Flickr stream

Collection A Day

Here is a sampling from a great project, Collection A Day.

Several 1800′s Pistols

Via the excessively good “a time to get”

Greenhouse Cabinet

I absolutely adore this greenhouse cabinet by Marije van der Park, which is filled with homegrown edible plants.

“The cabinet is made out of scrap steel from industry, old greenhouse glass and used oak. The plants are locally gathered from people who home grow edible plants in the garden or allotment.”

via MocoLoco

Watch Movement Illustrations

One-Off Crafted Flashlight

From a Chinese flashlight enthusiast,  this one-off flashlight in stainless steel.

Flight Helmets

These are so awesome I can hardly stand it.  Be sure to click at the bottom to see all the photos, I can’t edit them down!


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Gerstner Cases

H. Gerstner & Sons cases are pretty nice, made in Dayton Ohio since 1906 by the same family.  Well, not all of them, they do have cheaper “international” models available. I’d stick to the made in USA models! Sure to age beautifully as long as you use it a lot.

Via the Garage Journal

Four Nice Brownish Things

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