Carbon Nanotube Speaker

This little speaker is made of carbon nanotubes, and it functions as a thermoacoustic speaker. Whats kind of amazing is, unlike a conventional speaker, it doesn’t have to move to make sound. This speaker makes sound by way of abrupt temperature changes that pressurize the air, sending pressure waves (sound) without actually moving. So, look forward to one day walking through the trade show and picking up a promotional wind-breaker that will play a jingle. Wall paper as our surround sound. Maybe we can even have sound canceling blinds for the city sleeper. The nanotube & graphene era will be an interesting time. This particular speaker is made by the Finnish company, Canatu. Canatu, among others, is working towards commercializing this technology.



More from Longoland

Some recent work from Josh Longo’s unordinary mind:


Quilt time!

Whahhhh? Well, soon. I wait for blizzards to come to get the best deals on vintage motorcycles. So the dog days are the right time to buy a quilt?

Ebbet’s Field Flannels

Ebbet’s Field Flannels makes some great looking uniforms from obscure, defunct sports teams. Or they’ll make something custom for you. Attention to the fabrics, patterns and details of the classic stuff obvious in their recreations.

Crazy Quilt, 1885

American, from NY, 1885, via the Met

Bomber Cap, USAAF

Scholten + Baijings and Hay: Linens

The second part of the collaboration between Scholten + Baijings and Hay that I love are the linens.  From silk-screened bed sheets to hand-dyed tablecloths, all in soft pastels and bright fluorescents.

images via Hay

Scholten + Baijings and Hay: Rugs

This collaboration between Scholten + Baijings and Hay is driving the greedy consumer in me mad.. I can’t get enough!  First up, the tufted and hand stitched carpets in pastels and simple brights.

images via Hay

JCrew Spring 2011: Like Candy

I completely forgot to post this over a month ago!  You’ve probably all seen JCrew’s S/S 2011 Collection, but I love it (and the styling, of course), so I’m putting it up anyway.  For a girl who has way too much black in her closet, this color inspires me to get excited for Spring!

I Want to Live Here

The home of our dear friends, Courtney Wotherspoon and Trevor Byrne has recently been featured on practically every inspiring design/ interior site known to man..  This makes us once again late to the game, but isn’t it an amazing place?

Courtney bought, renovated, filled, and decorated their Toronto home all in less than a year, making Wes and I feel like we’re a couple of kids living in clubhouse.  This year, I vow to grow up!  And then hire Courtney as my decorator..

See more HERE

all images via Apartment Therapy


P-Jacket from Mister Freedom…

Four Nice Brownish Things

Style Icon: The Grand High Witch

This one may be a bit of a stretch.  But I watched The Witches (based on Roald Dahl’s book) so many times when I was younger that I couldn’t help but think that, strangely enough, Nicole Miller’s Pre-Fall 2011 Collection looked a little like the Grand High Witch’s wardrobe.

images via style

Age & Beauty

I love this new ad campaign for Luca Larenza, which features older model, Eduardo.  Larenza explains that he hopes his age and beauty helps everyone remember that, “elegance is a value handed down from our ancestors.”

via this hearts on fire

Style Icon: A Christmas Story

Just in time for the holidays!  My favorite movie to watch (on repeat, thank you, TBS) on Christmas Eve, as paired with the brand-new pre-Fall 2011 Pringle of Scotland collection.

images via google and style
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