New iPhone Covers

We’ve had to take an unplanned break from the blog lately, but just thought I’d post a quick little update on some iPhone covers that were recently made featuring my artwork!  All are compatible with 4 & 4S models.  :D


Yosuke Yamaguchi Watercolors

There’s something about the watercolors of Yosuke Yamaguchi that is sort of eerie, which I love.

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Qinghai Provence by Ian Allen

Ian Allen traveled across Asia for his Westward photo series, but it’s the photos taken of the Qinghai Provence that I loved most.  It’s an area that was struck by an earthquake earlier this year and since then, prayer flags have been strung across the foothills.  Pretty incredible.

Handmade Holiday

I hope the rest of you aren’t as behind on holiday shopping as I am.  Every year I say that I’m going to start in October, but that never seems to happen.

Anyway, I just wanted to remind anyone who may be interested in ordering drawings or prints from my Etsy shop, that it’s best to order by next Friday, December 17th, to receive them by Christmas.  Happy shopping!

Cat House

Ok, I’m going to get a little crazy-cat-lady here.  Despite all of the various toys we buy or clever cat beds we make for our cat, Bruce, he always seems to prefer a crinkly piece of garbage or a simple cardboard box in the end.  So when I came across these cute cardboard playhouses (made from 100% recycled cardboard) by Loyal Luxe, I became convinced I found the best of both worlds.

You can choose between a Native American Teepee (comes with 6 interchangeable decorative ornaments) or the Canadian Cabin (which you can place one of their faux bear-skin rugs in!), and they’re both cuter than a UPS box.

Talking Tree

The Talking Tree is a project created by the Belgian magazine EOS, which decided to give a digital voice to a single tree.  They attached a fine dust meter, ozone meter, light meter, weather station, webcam and microphone to a single, 100-year-old tree located on the outskirts of Brussels.

It is continually monitored across these dimensions and feeds the information to digital tools like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. I don’t really consider myself a treehugger, but I love this tree!

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DIS does GIFs

I’m loving these photographs and animated GIFs by DIS Magazine.

Click here for more goodies.

Amanda Nedham

While searching for some inspiration for an editorial illustration I’m working on, I came across Amanda Nedham’s work.  Alas, it has nothing to do with the job I’m doing, but it did distract me from it while I spent some time on her site.  Dark, creepy, lovely, and right up my alley.

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NYC Subway: 100 Years in Photos

The NY Times just featured 100 years of the Subway system, with a few decades I’m glad I wasn’t around for.. I’m lookin’ at you 1980′s!






Check out more HERE

My Parents Loved Halloween

Special thanks to my brother (who’s getting married next weekend!) for forwarding me the site, My Parents Loved Halloween. Awesome vintage snapshots of great old school Halloween costumes.  Perfection.

Vintage Packaging & Fumes

More vintage packaging.  This time, household poisons!

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Jared Africa

I wish I could say this is the kind of thing I doodled while on the phone or riding the train.  Instead I have notepads filled with square houses with chimneys and miniature forests made from triangles.

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The Boombox Project

Lyle Owerko’s Boombox Project photographs (a select few currently on display at Clic Gallery) have now been compiled into an amazing book! A few of my favorites below.

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Selleck Waterfall Sandwich (!!!)

I stumbled upon Selleck Waterfall Sandwich tonight and HAD to share it.. Why, you ask? Because I truly love waterfalls, sandwiches, and Tom Selleck, of course!  I have no idea the story behind it, but it’s pretty amazing (and it features a different sandwich in each piece!).  By the way, how great is the logo?

Moop Bags

I’ve been on a search for a can-be-used-for-a-million-things-without-breaking tote, ever since the freebie giveaway canvas bag I got from the library finally gave up and passed on.  On my endless and sometimes frightening search through Etsy, I finally came across Moop and stopped!

The Pittsburg-based studio handcrafts their bags from water resistant cordura, canvas, and organic cotton into simple, affordable, perfect totes, messengers, and market bags.  Putting this on my birthday list for sure.

images from Moop shop
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