New iPhone Covers

We’ve had to take an unplanned break from the blog lately, but just thought I’d post a quick little update on some iPhone covers that were recently made featuring my artwork!  All are compatible with 4 & 4S models.  :D


More from Longoland

Some recent work from Josh Longo’s unordinary mind:


Handmade Holiday

I hope the rest of you aren’t as behind on holiday shopping as I am.  Every year I say that I’m going to start in October, but that never seems to happen.

Anyway, I just wanted to remind anyone who may be interested in ordering drawings or prints from my Etsy shop, that it’s best to order by next Friday, December 17th, to receive them by Christmas.  Happy shopping!

Moop Bags

I’ve been on a search for a can-be-used-for-a-million-things-without-breaking tote, ever since the freebie giveaway canvas bag I got from the library finally gave up and passed on.  On my endless and sometimes frightening search through Etsy, I finally came across Moop and stopped!

The Pittsburg-based studio handcrafts their bags from water resistant cordura, canvas, and organic cotton into simple, affordable, perfect totes, messengers, and market bags.  Putting this on my birthday list for sure.

images from Moop shop

Cut and Serve States

I was cruising around Etsy yesterday and came across these adorable mini cutting boards by AHeirloom. Handcrafted from bamboo, you can even request that your city be marked by way of a little cut-out star or heart.  Pretty cute, huh?

2nd Annual Summer SALE

Hear Ye, all Thersians, it’s summer SALE time!

In an effort to clean out my Etsy shop by the end of summer (need to make room for new Fall and Holiday items!), I’m having a summer sale on all drawings and paintings.  Since I’m getting married mid-August, I’d like to try and have things cleaned out by the end of July.  Here are some of the details:

**All original drawings, now $35 or 3/$90

**All paintings $50-150 off original price

click image for the shop

Death & Texas Weekend Bag

Death & Texas creates handcrafted bags, accessories, and leather goods out of their waterfront studios in Brooklyn, NY.  They also create the most perfect weekend bag called, quite perfectly, The Weekend Bag.  Buy it on their Etsy site HERE.

Felt Ball Rugs

I just saw these Felt Ball Rugs featured over on Etsy and thought they were adorable.  They kind of remind me of the woven rag rugs we have around the house (which I love), but these by Krita are much more fun and quirky!

White Shed Interior

I am a big sucker for sheds, especially ones with whitewashed interiors. When I get rich I am gonna build a pile of them, a shed town. It seems like these always come along speaking British, this one is from the UK as well as the one that we posted about last year. This shed is belongs to the jeweler and shedworker Artiemis Russell. I think we need to start importing these. via shedworking and Artiemis Russell’s flickr stream.

We didn’t need dialogue. We had faces!

I was scanning through Etsy today and saw these beautiful pieces created by Louise Broad.  Very pretty & very springtime, but they also have a little      Norma Desmond via Sunset Boulevard thing to them that I just love.

Horror Inspired Undies

Who would have thought that lingerie inspired by a horror movie could be so cute?  Hopeless’ new line of very sweet and vintage looking undergarments were inspired by Spielberg’s Jaws, more specifically,  “sharks teeth, the blood in the ocean and the waves of the sea”.  Fingers crossed she soon starts making bathing suits as well.

see her Etsy site HERE

Paper Taxidermy

I ran across these paper & resin animal head sculptures on Etsy and thought they were really cute.  Created by artist/illustrator, Jennifer Khoshbin, you can see more at her Etsy shop HERE.

Etsy Shop Open & Takin’ Money

One of the benefits of running your own blog is that you don’t have to feel too bad about the shameless act of self-promotion.  Case in point, see below.

Or just click HERE.

Click here for my shop.


Ahh, the XBOX.  I have a love/hate relationship with ours.  On the one hand, it provides a great babysitting service when I’m really busy and Wes is bored.  I think it’s great that he can “virtually hang out” with my brother and BFF, who both live in Chicago.

The problems start occurring when he’s playing Halo and insists on not only wearing his headset, but also having the volume way up on the TV.. turning it into a foul-mouthed projection device, where all I can hear is swearing (my mother reads this blog so I won’t elaborate) and yelling, “I’m in the Sword Room!”, “I’ve got the Ghost!” and my personal favorite, “Hey, (fill in teammates name here) where you at?!”

Anyway, for my own personal entertainment, I would love to one day pull a little lift & switch with Wes’ controller, and replace it with this soap replica (which, btw, is Mountain Dew scented)  I’m sure the look on his face would be priceless.

see more nerdy soap HERE

Snake Eyes x 1,000

These letterpress dice prints by Stukenborg are so lovely!  I have an empty wall in my studio that is begging for a couple of these..

See more on his Etsy shop HERE.

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