New iPhone Covers

We’ve had to take an unplanned break from the blog lately, but just thought I’d post a quick little update on some iPhone covers that were recently made featuring my artwork!  All are compatible with 4 & 4S models.  :D


Packaging for Cassius Bakery and Deli

I really like this boxing-based packaging designed for a bakery in NYC.. and the bread that comes in it. Designed by Avigail Bahat.

via The Dieline

Collection A Day

Here is a sampling from a great project, Collection A Day.

Absinthe for the Holidays

Every year, Stranger & Stranger sends out a bottle of liquor for the holidays. This year they chose Absinthe and designed absolutely beautiful packaging for it.  Need to get on their mailing list..

via the dieline

Bathing Masters Tea Bags

Our dear friend, Miss Courtney Wotherspoon, came to town this weekend for the annual American Illustration – American Photography party (the best party of the year, in my opinion!) and came toting gifts!  She brought me this adorable set of Genious &InsaniTea tea bags by Donkey Products, that I’m not sure if I ever want to use because they look so cute packaged together.

In addition to these master artists, you can also choose to also buy a set of rockstars, fashion designers, the royal family, politicians, and/or classic movie stars, just to name a few.

Big Ol’ Wedding Post I: The Prep Work

Alright, I know our wedding was months ago, but I’ve just recently been able to sit down and sort through all the photos!  Thank you for the kind emails inquiring about it, that really meant a lot to us.

Since practically every aspect of our wedding was DIY, I wanted to start with a few details of the prepping that went into everything.  It took an army of amazing friends and family to make our super low-budget wedding into something truly lovely.

While Wes and I started with creating our Save-the-Dates, designing and leterpressing our own invites, and went bottle collecting here in Brooklyn, my amazing mother started collecting a ton of items here and there at flea markets across the Midwest (they’re the best!)

She started by snatching up vintage handkerchiefs (seriously, I don’t think there are any more left in the state of IL) that she later sewed together to form our table runners.  She then bought vintage farmhouse sheets that were patch-worked together to form our table cloths, and also scored great deals on old metal drink dispensers that we put our spiked summer drinks in.  Martha Stewart’s got nothing on me ol’ mom!

Wes then began to create the central light fixture that was to be hung at our indoor/outdoor reception space.  He ordered wires, sockets, bulbs and some sort of magical tool dip and went on to hand-make each of our 40 hanging lights one at a time!  While he was doing that, I made and packaged pins for our guests and letterpressed dollies for the top our treat boxes.

I headed home to Chicago about a month before our big day to work on some projects with my family.  While my dad, best friend, brother, and sister-in-law folded over 2,000 paper dollies, my  mom, sisters and I started to string them together to make hanging garlands.

My mom and I then went into her garden and picked all of her lavender which we hung to dry (later to be used in the church), and then picked about 100 of her roses, pulled the petals and laid them out on two  large screens for drying (which would later be used for our guests to toss).  I had already prestamped cardstock, so when they finally dried, we packaged them up.

We then packaged up everything and some of it was shipped off to Georgia while the rest was packed Tetris-style into my parent’s car. Continued here:

Big Ol’ Wedding Post II & Big Ol’ Wedding Post III

Images via Kelly Essenpreis Jason & Becca Walker, and Yours Truly

These File Folders Make Me Uncomfortable

I saw this transforming file folder over at the Yanko Designer Store, and thought it seemed practical enough.  But then I thought, if you worked in an office, wouldn’t it be terrifying if you boss started using these?  Because they sure look like files that can be easily popped upright to form,  “go-clean-out-you-desk, you’re fired!” boxes to me.

Vintage Packaging & Fumes

More vintage packaging.  This time, household poisons!

via popkulture flickr

Chocolate & Cigarettes

I ‘ve been trying to collect images of vintage packaging/tins for the last couple of weeks, and here are a couple of my favorites right now.

all images via dieline

Happy Birthday, Jack

Jack Daniels, we’ve spent a lot of nights together.  You may be 160 years old, but I’m no ageist.  You’re still as youthful, warm, and intriguing now then you were back then.  Happy Birthday, you look as great as ever in your new digs.

Hot Ladies, Hot Chocolate

As the sister to a real-life chocohalic, I always have my eyes peeled for a pretty bar of chocolate, or in this case, nice packaging for a cup of the hot stuff.  Designed by Kyle Tezak for Mindy’s Hot Chocolate in Chicago, the labels can be peeled back for a fun little peep show.. plus, I’ve heard their hot chocolate is killer.

Perfect for Work

This lunchbox/thermos set is simple, stylish, and sustainable!

Love, Sweat, and Tears: Wedding Invites Part II

Continued from Part I:

With the printing all complete, it was time to move on to the cutting, folding packing and sending..

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Love, Sweat, and Tears: Wedding Invites Part I

The tears being tears of joy that we actually finished these babies!  We’ve received a few emails from friends & family asking us how we created our wedding invites, so we decided to do a little (and by little, I mean long) post on it.  Read on below:

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To Serve Man

No, I’m not talking about the alien cookbook, grillin’ up man kind of thing, I’m talking about this nicely designed First Aid kit, by Kristine Erdmann. I pretty much has everything you need (and more) complete with very detailed instructions made even for dummies and scout-dropouts like Wes and I.

via yankodesign
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