Packaging for Cassius Bakery and Deli

I really like this boxing-based packaging designed for a bakery in NYC.. and the bread that comes in it. Designed by Avigail Bahat.

via The Dieline

The Perfect Tiny Grill (and I’m not talkin’ the teeth kind)

Now that’s it’s officially spring, all I can think of is laying in the park and grilling out!  (Probably because I’m stuck indoors in my studio)

How cute is this portable grill from Klaus Aalto?  Available HERE.

For the Beer Buying Biker

If I had a bicycle this pretty, I’d always volunteer to do the beer run.. I’d also spend an extra $20 to get this cute 6-pack holder (which is actually a bike polo mallet holder, but who cares?).


Does your breakfast smile back at you?

So I may have just figured out what’s been wrong with every breakfast I’ve had in my adult life.. It’s not in the shape of a face!  I can’t believe I forgot what Pee Wee Herman taught me back in the 80′s.. breakfast is always better if it’s in the shape of something familiar:

“I pity da fool who don’t eat my breakfast cereal!”

So when I came across Museum Stodio’s Breakfast Club photos, I was happily reminded that “one eye” in the face of breakfast is simply not enough.

My, ‘one eye’ lazy person’s breakfast = not acceptable

Museum Studio’s smiley breakfast= very acceptable

Absinthe for the Holidays

Every year, Stranger & Stranger sends out a bottle of liquor for the holidays. This year they chose Absinthe and designed absolutely beautiful packaging for it.  Need to get on their mailing list..

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Style Icon: Baked By Melissa

I was shopping in  Soho the day before I left for the holidays and passed by Baked By Melissa, a tiny shop that sells even tinier stuffed cupcakes.  A few of them reminded me of Oscar de la Renta’s Pre-Fall 2011 collection.  Delicious!

images via Style

Bathing Masters Tea Bags

Our dear friend, Miss Courtney Wotherspoon, came to town this weekend for the annual American Illustration – American Photography party (the best party of the year, in my opinion!) and came toting gifts!  She brought me this adorable set of Genious &InsaniTea tea bags by Donkey Products, that I’m not sure if I ever want to use because they look so cute packaged together.

In addition to these master artists, you can also choose to also buy a set of rockstars, fashion designers, the royal family, politicians, and/or classic movie stars, just to name a few.

Bathing Girls Tea Set

While I was compiling a small holiday gift idea list for the blog, I ran across this Bathing Girls tea set designed by Esther Horncher.  I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to cut back on my coffee consumption by drinking tea once in a while, so I’m now telling myself that if I had this tea set, I would drink more tea.  I know that’s a lie disguised as rational thinking, but I still would really love to own these anyway.

Happy Birthday, Jack

Jack Daniels, we’ve spent a lot of nights together.  You may be 160 years old, but I’m no ageist.  You’re still as youthful, warm, and intriguing now then you were back then.  Happy Birthday, you look as great as ever in your new digs.

Hot Ladies, Hot Chocolate

As the sister to a real-life chocohalic, I always have my eyes peeled for a pretty bar of chocolate, or in this case, nice packaging for a cup of the hot stuff.  Designed by Kyle Tezak for Mindy’s Hot Chocolate in Chicago, the labels can be peeled back for a fun little peep show.. plus, I’ve heard their hot chocolate is killer.

Oh, Scotch!

Here Design recently collaborated with cabinetmakers to create the beautiful packaging for The Balvenie Forty.  150 bottles recieved the VIP treatment with hand-carved oak boxes and personalized calligraphy.

FYI, I just happen to be a scotch girl myself and I also just happen to have a wedding coming up.. just sayin’.

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Not that this is any surprise, but..

I ran across this post this morning and thought it was pretty interesting.. the map below measures the distance to the nearest domestic McDonald’s in the US.  I like a convenient sausage egg & cheese biscuit more than I’d care to admit, but this is still pretty crazy.  I guess it’s good to know that you’re only walking distance to a dollar menu if you’re ever lost in the Mojave Desert..

via weathersealed

Cut and Serve States

I was cruising around Etsy yesterday and came across these adorable mini cutting boards by AHeirloom. Handcrafted from bamboo, you can even request that your city be marked by way of a little cut-out star or heart.  Pretty cute, huh?

Perfect for Work

This lunchbox/thermos set is simple, stylish, and sustainable!

Theurel & Thomas | Maison du Macaron

Wow wow wow!  Designed by Anagrama and located in Nuevo León, Mexico, Theurel & Thomas sells the most beautiful looking macaroons, in pretty much the most beautiful sweet shop I’ve ever seen.

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