Wes & The Magical Vespa

After I posted a picture of a new desk chair Wes bought me yesterday, my brother called me and insisted that we should start a blog all about the crazy things Wes carries home on his Vespa.  It got me laughing, b/c what I once thought as ridiculously insane has sort of become the norm here.

We used to have a cheap little car here in Brooklyn, but after having it towed b/c of street cleaning, we found out that it was going to cost us $700 to get it back.  We decided it was more than the car was worth & said goodbye (even though a weeks worth of laundry was in the back!).  Since then, Wes uses his Vespa for everything.  Rain, snow, sleet, he almost always refuses to use public transportation.

Anyway, so not only does he ride it everywhere, he also uses it to carry EVERYTHING.  And I mean everything from a months worth of groceries from Costco, to 10 garbage bags full of Salvation Army donations (seriously), to even a 6ft work table (not kidding here).

So I thought I’d share a few snapshots of Wes + Vespa’s greatest hits..

A trip to Costco, complete w/ 40 lbs of cat litter

new Knoll chair he brought home for me yesterday

old school chairs (one trip), Wes’ work chair (one trip)

Brought this 32″ screen TV home from a store in Queens, for Christ’s sake!

The Grandaddy of all Vespa carries: the 6 ft table!

I didn’t witness this one, but our friend Michelle did, and made a comic about it

I’ll try to get a photo of him in action from now on..  I think you’ll all be impressed!


Cold War Magnesium Snow Shoes

30 years after having them made, the Army has finally given up on using snowshoes on any cold, commie lands, and is offering them for sale here, $31.

Update: I just got convinced by our own post and now I’m ordering a pair for no functional reason.

Handmade Holiday

I hope the rest of you aren’t as behind on holiday shopping as I am.  Every year I say that I’m going to start in October, but that never seems to happen.

Anyway, I just wanted to remind anyone who may be interested in ordering drawings or prints from my Etsy shop, that it’s best to order by next Friday, December 17th, to receive them by Christmas.  Happy shopping!

Cat House

Ok, I’m going to get a little crazy-cat-lady here.  Despite all of the various toys we buy or clever cat beds we make for our cat, Bruce, he always seems to prefer a crinkly piece of garbage or a simple cardboard box in the end.  So when I came across these cute cardboard playhouses (made from 100% recycled cardboard) by Loyal Luxe, I became convinced I found the best of both worlds.

You can choose between a Native American Teepee (comes with 6 interchangeable decorative ornaments) or the Canadian Cabin (which you can place one of their faux bear-skin rugs in!), and they’re both cuter than a UPS box.

Starr X bottle openers

I picked this one up a few years ago, it gets used!  Starr X openers are made by Brown Mfg. Co., they have been around since 1925 and still make their openers in GA.

Moop Bags

I’ve been on a search for a can-be-used-for-a-million-things-without-breaking tote, ever since the freebie giveaway canvas bag I got from the library finally gave up and passed on.  On my endless and sometimes frightening search through Etsy, I finally came across Moop and stopped!

The Pittsburg-based studio handcrafts their bags from water resistant cordura, canvas, and organic cotton into simple, affordable, perfect totes, messengers, and market bags.  Putting this on my birthday list for sure.

images from Moop shop

Pointer Brand

I had Pointer Brand jeans when I was a kid. Pointer Brand is still alive and making plain old American work clothes in Bristol, Tennessee. Their chance of survival is better now that they are big in Japan.  I just love companies that can do this, they make it in the USA and the prices are good.

Flowers for Wallpaper

This is so pretty!  And surprisingly, it doesn’t look too hard to recreate yourself..  Created from silk flowers, I think it would be cute on one wall of a room, as a sweet pop of color and shadow.

via re-nest

Speaking of hot weather..

It’s been so hot in our place I’ve been feeling almost sick.  We have a tiny window unit, but it only keeps an area of about a 3 ft radius in front of it cool, and that’s usually taken by our cat, Bruce.

So late last night Wes decided to create an A/C condom-tunnel contraption that carries the cool air to where we are sitting.  It’s pretty hilarious..

Take THAT MacGyver!

Darling Homes

Ok, don’t even ask me why I was searching redneck mansions, but in my search I found these beauties that I thought would be fun to share..  Yeeehaaaw!

Corcoran 1500 Jump Boots

I have wanted a pair of motorcycle boots for a while and have not been able to settle on anything.  There are a lot of Frye boots that look really good, but there are a couple of things that have prevented me from getting a pair.  For one thing, even though they have a great history as an American boot company, some of their boots are made in China now and some are still made in the USA, so you have to look on the inside of the boot to know what you are getting.

What really stopped me from buying Frye boots, though, was the fact that there is nowhere to try them on. I contacted their corporate office last fall and they suggested that I order pairs and return them until I found the right size. No thanks, I don’t have the time- that will work as well as for me as the BMG Music Club.  I ended up buying a pair of vintage Frye boots off of ebay that were made in the USA and are really sweet.  To bad they don’t fit- looks like I would have been better buying from Frye after all.  If anyone wants to buy them, they are size 12 D.

So my search for a boot continues, and I have found a candidate: Corcoran 1500′s.

I first noticed these jump boots in Band of Brothers.  Corcoran supplied jump boots to the Army Airborne troops during WWII, though they were brown, not black.  They are still made in the USA, and are quite a bit less expensive than Fryes.  How can this be?  It may be because Corcoran is a subsidiary of  Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, and they can make do with a modest, steady profit.  Buy a pair here for under $160.

Hi there, perfect summer shoe..

Get on my shoe rack immediately!  It appears that Need Supply will in fact, be supplying me with my needs in the shoe department all summer.

Cute & inexpensive gets me every time.

Scientists Discover Nerd Fluid

Ok, well, this is not exactly a new but it is to me: Ferrofluid… attracts nerds and I like it, even though I don’t trust it.  Just do a flickr search for “ferrofluid” and you’ll see what I mean; nerds & untrustworthy super-shiny black stuff.  If you decide that you must have some you can get it here, but I would recommend keeping it in a sealed container and locked up.

Newspaper as Wallpaper II

Newspaper as wallpaper, 1935, Little Rock, with Popeye comic.

Stuart Haygarth

I saw Stuart Haygarth’s over at Emma & Eckford, and really loved his use of everyday objects from toys, to eye glasses, to bike reflectors.  The chandeliers below contain party poppers, items that were washed up along a coastline, and plastic wine glasses.  Check out his site for more.

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