For those of you that are cat people, you’ll understand when I say that the following films are like cat DVDs for humans. More about the artist here…



Circuit Board Boxes

Circuit board boxes, available here.

Leather Shoppers

I know the plastic shopping bag has been used as inspiration for many things the past couple of years (see: Jeremy Scott), but I kinda love this new take on them by Cast of Vices. Called their Corner Store Shoppers, these totes are made from hand stamped leather in Los Angeles.

I’m also loving their silver and gold molded wristbands.


Collection A Day

Here is a sampling from a great project, Collection A Day.

One Hundred and Eight, Nils Völker

Neat installation by Nils Völker, via Today and Tomorrow. Love the reapplication of computer fans.

One Hundred and Eight – Interactive Installation from Nils Völker on Vimeo.

One Hundred and Eight – Interactive Installation from Nils Völker on Vimeo.

Chicken Point Cabin, Tom Kundig

Tom Kundig is among maybe my top 2 or 3 favorite architects. My lovely wife introduced me to his work  by giving me a great book on him, Tom Kundig: Houses. Among many others, this book covers the “Chicken Point Cabin” project, one of my favorites.  There is definitely something very warm about his work, while having a spacial severity at the same time. If I ever have the chance to design and build my own place, I am going to steal ideas from him shamelessly.

Cushman + Raleigh Bicycle = Trike

Rick Darke says about his trike:

This home-made 3-wheeler was our transportation in 1967. It used a rear end (differential) from a 1950′s Cushman electric golf cart, a frame from a late 1940′s Raleigh bicycle, a 3HP Briggs & Stratton engine with centripetal clutch, a few other parts borrowed from lawnmowers and bicycles, and wheelie bars with a couple of wheels from a junked shopping cart. Very economical, if not exactly street-legal. The photos show numerous small variations in seats, paint, etc. At one point it had a generator and headlight and saw a lot of nightime use, even in winter. With the banana seat in place it could carry three people with the third standing on the rear axle and holding on. The brief video clip was originally done with a Super 8 (film) movie camera.   (see clip here)

Innertube Tesselations

From Brazilian Wallace Barros, made of inner tubes, looks like ferrofluid, buy bag here.

Big Ol’ Wedding Post I: The Prep Work

Alright, I know our wedding was months ago, but I’ve just recently been able to sit down and sort through all the photos!  Thank you for the kind emails inquiring about it, that really meant a lot to us.

Since practically every aspect of our wedding was DIY, I wanted to start with a few details of the prepping that went into everything.  It took an army of amazing friends and family to make our super low-budget wedding into something truly lovely.

While Wes and I started with creating our Save-the-Dates, designing and leterpressing our own invites, and went bottle collecting here in Brooklyn, my amazing mother started collecting a ton of items here and there at flea markets across the Midwest (they’re the best!)

She started by snatching up vintage handkerchiefs (seriously, I don’t think there are any more left in the state of IL) that she later sewed together to form our table runners.  She then bought vintage farmhouse sheets that were patch-worked together to form our table cloths, and also scored great deals on old metal drink dispensers that we put our spiked summer drinks in.  Martha Stewart’s got nothing on me ol’ mom!

Wes then began to create the central light fixture that was to be hung at our indoor/outdoor reception space.  He ordered wires, sockets, bulbs and some sort of magical tool dip and went on to hand-make each of our 40 hanging lights one at a time!  While he was doing that, I made and packaged pins for our guests and letterpressed dollies for the top our treat boxes.

I headed home to Chicago about a month before our big day to work on some projects with my family.  While my dad, best friend, brother, and sister-in-law folded over 2,000 paper dollies, my  mom, sisters and I started to string them together to make hanging garlands.

My mom and I then went into her garden and picked all of her lavender which we hung to dry (later to be used in the church), and then picked about 100 of her roses, pulled the petals and laid them out on two  large screens for drying (which would later be used for our guests to toss).  I had already prestamped cardstock, so when they finally dried, we packaged them up.

We then packaged up everything and some of it was shipped off to Georgia while the rest was packed Tetris-style into my parent’s car. Continued here:

Big Ol’ Wedding Post II & Big Ol’ Wedding Post III

Images via Kelly Essenpreis Jason & Becca Walker, and Yours Truly

Dead Drops

Dead Drops is an anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space. The artist, Aram Bartholl, injects USB flash drives into walls, buildings, and curbs accessible to the public.  Anyone is invited to hook in  to drop or find files on a dead drop.   There are just 5 in NYC so far, but he hopes to add more, as well in other cities soon.

I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they’re loaded with free porn, but nice idea none the less.

via interior design room

Where Do Good Bikes Go When They Die?

We used to have this group of ‘artists’ who would work on the 1st floor of our building.. which typically meant standing around smoking in the hallway and throwing parties.  Also on the 1st floor was my old trusty bike that suffered a flat tire at the tail end of Fall, which I never fixed because it soon became winter.  One day I came home and as I put my key in the door, I realized that what was formally my bike was now hanging splayed, Silence-of-the-Lambs-man-hanging-crucified-in-a-cage-style in the gallery’s window as some sort of horrible art school dropout joke of a sculpture.  I realized then that my bike had led some sort of life of sin and was now being punished in Bicycle Hell.

So be good all you bikes, and you may end up made into one of these incredible chadeliers by Carolina Fontoura Alzaga.

via odditycentral

Vintage Packaging & Fumes

More vintage packaging.  This time, household poisons!

via popkulture flickr

Sliced Bunker

A supposedly indestructible bunker is sliced open as part of a project by Atelier de Lyon and Rietveld Landscape. Really amazing.

Read more about it here.

original bunker:

via designboom

Naughty Embroidery

I was browsing around for vintage handkerchiefs and came across these amazing “naughty” tea towels from the 1940′s.  I love that these risque beauties even come with 3D ta-tas!

via Thought Patterns

The Boombox Project

Lyle Owerko’s Boombox Project photographs (a select few currently on display at Clic Gallery) have now been compiled into an amazing book! A few of my favorites below.

via MetaFilter

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