New iPhone Covers

We’ve had to take an unplanned break from the blog lately, but just thought I’d post a quick little update on some iPhone covers that were recently made featuring my artwork!  All are compatible with 4 & 4S models.  :D



For those of you that are cat people, you’ll understand when I say that the following films are like cat DVDs for humans. More about the artist here…


Andrew DeGraff

A few great recent pieces from our overly talented friend, Andrew DeGraff. We can’t get over just how freaking good he is.


Joel Dugan, Feather


Joel Dugan, “Feather”, vellum, gesso, and watercolor
7.5″ x 11″ x 7″


Mini Concrete Towers

I really love these little (spray paint) buildings that have been popping up c/o Berlin-based street artist, EVOL.

via Freshome

It’s Creepy Quiz Time!

A friend of ours posted a link to this strange & eerie test which I just had to take, since I’m inclined to both.  I have to say, I was even more creeped out how bizarrely accurate it was. Check it, it’s fun!

Yosuke Yamaguchi Watercolors

There’s something about the watercolors of Yosuke Yamaguchi that is sort of eerie, which I love.

via boooooom

Crossword Wrapping Paper

This is kind of cute for any crossword fans out there.  Just wrap your gift, find the holiday that is most appropriate, circle it, and TA-DA! Ready to go.

by Fabio Milito and Francesca Guidotti


Leather Shoppers

I know the plastic shopping bag has been used as inspiration for many things the past couple of years (see: Jeremy Scott), but I kinda love this new take on them by Cast of Vices. Called their Corner Store Shoppers, these totes are made from hand stamped leather in Los Angeles.

I’m also loving their silver and gold molded wristbands.


Cue the Pink Floyd, Here Comes a Nature Light Show!

Terje Sorgjerd spent a week capturing one of the biggest (and most beautiful) aurora borealis shows in years.  Shot in Pas National Park bordering Russia, while tepratures around -20° F.



Eily ‘O Connell Rings

Really beautiful rings by Eily ‘O Connell, mostly made from glass and enamel.

Where Children Sleep

I love this photo series by James Mollison.

via Fubiz

Inception in 60 Seconds

Amazing Polish Movie Posters

I’ve been kind of obsessing over Polish movie posters recently (see yesterday’s Style Icon), and I can’t stop wondering how Photoshop always wins when there are amazing posters like these being made!  Here are a few of my favorites, although I could post about 100 more.

From the top: The Blues Brothers, The Big Lebowski, The Shining, Fatal Attraction, Eyes Wide Shut, Sunset Boulovard, Rosemary’s Baby, & Gremlins

See more HERE.

Eric Ruby

There’s something haunting and sort of Twin Peaks about Eric Ruby’s photographs.  I especially love his Midwest series.

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