Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing Moms out there!

Our lovely Mom


The Royal Wedding Hats

I didn’t stay up late or get up early for the royal wedding, since I figured it would be replaying all day (which, it already has).  So far my favorite part has been the amazing hats that some of the stylish guests wore!  Especially the ones designed by Philip Treacy for Prince William’s stylish cousins.

images via People

Mr. & Mrs. Essenpreis

Happy 37th Anniversary to my lovely, amazing parents!

Happy Easter!

.. from the creepiest, Florist-shop-window-display mannequin ever!  Saw this guy while we were on the road in Virginia.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

Our Drive to Georgia

Well, it started with some of the worst weather I’ve ever seen (we drove through Virginia & North Carolina not knowing over 60 tornadoes were occuring), but the days after were beautiful.  And we ended up having a great time on our last minute roadtrip!  He’s a bunch of random snapshots..

Sorry We’ve Been Out!

Wow, sorry for the crickets here again.. there has been so much going on lately, I can’t keep anything straight!  We had to take an unexpected roadtrip to Georgia this past weekend.  It wasn’t for the happiest of reasons, but we ended up having an amazing time (despite driving through tornadoes in North Carolina!)  Funny how that works out.

Anyway, we’ll be back to normal hopefully soon.  Thank you so much for the understanding and loyalty!

Style Icon: House Beautiful Magazine from the 1970′s

I posted this a few days ago over at THERSIC Style Icons, but it’s been a busy week, so it’s my only weekly update!  :/

Don’t ask why, but I have a small collection of  House Beautiful Magazines from the 1970′s.  They sit in a box with some other junk and I don’t really look through them often, but they always seem to make the cut whenever I’ve moved.

Anyway, the Fall 2011 collection from House of Holland kind of reminded me of some of the interiors.

images via Style, Flickr, and House Beautiful

New York To Los Angeles (and back again)

Here to There #20.  NY to LA to NY in 24 hrs.  Also, this is what $450 in cab fare looks like..

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy Birthday to the best Dad anyone could ask for!  We love you!

image by Mom Essenpreis


K + W

P. S. Not to worry, my Dad is a pro at throwing kids into the air.   :)


Toronto Yellow

Toronto Red

Toronto Blue

Buffalo to Toronto

Here to There #19.  Last Thursday.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday to my lovely, amazing mother!  We love you.



Beverly Hills to Las Vegas

Here to There #18.   3 cities in 3 days.

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