Powdered Iron Slugs For RF Coils Set

I was doing some very belated powdered-iron-slugs-for-RF-coils shopping tonight, when I ran into this complete set from the 1940′s.  This set is so complete I’ll be set for a couple of months. Surplus Sales says: Stackpole Carbon Co., complete engineering set of powdered iron slugs for RF coils. 40 different types with 10 – 15 per tube. Various grades, screw sites & body diameters. We suspect Circa 1940′s.”


Dan Grayber’s Mechanisms

These are pretty great, from sculptor Dan Grayber.

via today and tomorrow, who found it via BLDGBLOG


Blown Glass Lamps

Beautiful mouth-blown glass lamps by Produzione Privata, out of Italy.

via 2modern

Old & Metal

In an effort to do some research on Hoosier Cabinets (more on that later) I ran across a few unrelated beauties that got me off track, since I have a serious weakness for vintage metal things (hence the early Metallica currently playing on my iPod).

medical lock down cabinet for the US Navy, 1950′s

stripped metal cabinet with glass doors, early 1900′s

vintage medical cabinet, early 1900′s

all images from 1stdibs

Thanks for the freebies, Brooklyn!

Things have been pretty chaotic around here recently, made especially so with the endless DIY wedding projects we’ve been working on.  I don’t know what crazy frame of mind we were in when we decided to take all of it on, but here we are finding, baking, printing, and constructing everything from our invites, to lighting, to our decorations (w/ the help of dear friends & family, of course!)

Since we’re paying for it ourselves, we are trying to stay on a very tight budget.. So when any possible creative freebies come along, we don’t hesitate.  We decided to pass on a professional florist and keep things simple with a mix of Georgia wild flowers and a couple of our personal favorites.  Instead of buying 100 + vases, we decided to take what Brooklyn itself was offering.. free glass bottles from the 1900-1950s!  Want to find out how?  Keep reading..

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Lítill Terrariums

I saw one of Lítill’s beautiful terrariums in Dwell Magazine last month and had to learn more..  I found out that minimal watering and little sunlight really make these florish, so now I’m convinced that this is the perfect house plant replacement.  Plus, they’re really cute!  For more info visit their site here.

Tornado Vase

This is the sort of thing that I would love to be able to see get made, b/c I’m sure it’s a pretty amazing process.  I don’t know much about it (the site I saw this on was all in Italian, and the translation made no sense!), but I think it’s by (or in collaboration with) A + A Cooren Design Studio.

via designerblog.it

U.S. Navy Underwater Light

I was looking all over the internet the other day, trying to find an underwater light that was not a pool light- finally found it!  In case you have the same problem, this should save you some time.  Good for ponds. $125

Cracked Glasses

Agnieszka Bar created these broken but unbreakable glass tumblers for those of us who have to continually buy $1.00 Ikea glasses because they drop them so often.


I’m not very squeamish when it comes to spiders and other such creepy crawlers, but I do still love this Cornered glass designed by James Laurie.

via LikeCool

On the Wedding Registry

We’re getting married in August,  so here’s a little idea in case everyone wants to pool together.. a model of the human nervous system enclosed in glass and steel!

Available at Architectural Artifacts

The Smell of Fresh Concrete

Well, not really.  But each fragrance by Alexa Lixfeld does have it’s own scent, distinguished by a different colored concrete lid.

Carrots Beer

This beer (and burlap koozie!) was made as a promotional piece for Carrots Boutique in San Francisco.  Designed by Pereira & O’Dell, it was created as part of an in-store event, with the hopes of bringing in more male customers.  Cheers to cute beer accessories!

image via Pereira & O’Dell

Blaschka Glass Model Specimens

Victorian era father & son duo Leopold and Rudolf Blashka created these amazing glass model specimens in their Dresden workshop. They also supplied the Harvard Museum of Natural History with several thousand glass flowers .

Blaschka Glass Model

Old School Lights Done New

I can think of more than one place these vintage inspired lights could go in my apartment.  I especially love the antique looking bulbs.

anthropologie lights

from Anthropologie

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