The Shindler Garden

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Satellite Images of Japan Disaster

It is unbelievably sad about Japan.  These before & after satellite photos break my heart.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone there.

Also, my sister-in-law posted this terrifying, 1st person video of the Tsunami hitting.  It starts off slow, but will shortly make the hair on your neck stand up..

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My Favorite Books of 2010: Part I

Now that the holidays are over, and we have a miniature dying tree in our living room, I think it’s safe to talk about some of my favorite books this year.  I loved them all so much, I bought 2 copies of each, one as a gift and one for me (this explains why I almost went broke this Christmas).  Anyway, first up:

Maske by Phyllis Galembo

Amazing photographs that document various costumes of traditional masqueraders  and carnival characters from all over Africa.  This book is so incredible, I had a hard time edited the images to some of my favorites.

Age & Beauty

I love this new ad campaign for Luca Larenza, which features older model, Eduardo.  Larenza explains that he hopes his age and beauty helps everyone remember that, “elegance is a value handed down from our ancestors.”

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This cat is my hero..

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Brooklyn Tornado Loves Knocking Sh*t Over

Whoa.  A little twister blew through here yesterday and boy, did it have fun!  The aftermath:

the first 30 seconds of this one are really amazing:

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The Birdhouse Projects

As far as birds go, a house in a tree located in a public park should probably be considered less than desirable.. screaming children, loud music, and people leaving behind trash isn’t exactly home sweet home.  So when I saw these clustered birdhouses created by London Fieldworks, I couldn’t help thinking that they kind of seemed like the projects.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re really beautiful, but can you imagine setting up for a picnic under these?  Bird-shit sandwich.

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Hurricane Portraits

Now that Hurricane Earl it officially cruising up the east coast, we thought it might be the perfect time to share this series of hurricane drawings created by our very talented friend, Stephen Floyd.  You need to click to enlarge, because each of the 30 hurricanes comes complete with a short and often hilarious bio.  I’m not sure if any of these are still available, but I’ll fight whoever gets in my way of owning one.

See the rest of the series HERE.

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Bionic Kitty

Oscar lost his two back legs when a harvester ran over them while he was napping in a field.  After multiple surgeries, he finally had metal implants secured to his ankle bones and is now walking pain free.

I admit, I got teary-eyed after watching the short video below.

Peter Brown

Americana photos at their best.

See more here.

Jean Paul Gaultier Goes Green

Jean Paul Gaultier is collaborating with French furniture brand Roche Bobois, which will be released sometime next year.  Gaultier was invited to renovate Elle Decoration suite, in which one of the rooms is covered in plants and ivy.

He states, “Plants are invited in, a garden is printed on the walls! Ivy weaves into the sofa; lichen grows over the woven chairs in the shade of a tree, and moss, like green velvet, carpets the stone, plants tumble down in steps, hiding in a net.”

Calvin Klein Obsession for Men..and Big Cats

I just read this story in the Wall Street Journal and couldn’t resist sharing.  Apparently big cats are going crazy for Calvin Klein’s Obsession for Men.  In a recent study done, zookeepers and field researchers  sprayed it on posts and rocks, causing the cats to rub up against, cuddle with and roll around it for up to 11 minutes..  savoring it longer than even their food.  Read the whole story here.

Freefall Dive, Underwater

This is pretty awesome.  This video was created  freedivers Guillaume Néry and Julie Gautier, and as they sum it up best by stating, “World champion freediver Guillaume Nery special dive at Dean’s Blue Hole, the deepest blue hole in the world filmed entirely on breath hold by the french champion Julie Gautier.”

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Lítill Terrariums

I saw one of Lítill’s beautiful terrariums in Dwell Magazine last month and had to learn more..  I found out that minimal watering and little sunlight really make these florish, so now I’m convinced that this is the perfect house plant replacement.  Plus, they’re really cute!  For more info visit their site here.

Giant Sinkhole Scary as Hell!

This giant sinkhole in Guatemala was caused by a combination of heavy rains and a poor underground network.  Yikes.

via National Geographic
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