Wrong Chairs by Norman Kelley

Nice corruptions of Windsor chair forms from Norman Kelley


New iPhone Covers

We’ve had to take an unplanned break from the blog lately, but just thought I’d post a quick little update on some iPhone covers that were recently made featuring my artwork!  All are compatible with 4 & 4S models.  :D

Volo Classic Auto Museum (part 1)

I spent a good bit of time this past Saturday checking out classic American cars at the Volo Auto Museum. Here are a few things that caught my eye- I got a lot of good stuff so I’ll break this up into two posts, more next week.

Quilt time!

Whahhhh? Well, soon. I wait for blizzards to come to get the best deals on vintage motorcycles. So the dog days are the right time to buy a quilt?

John Jacob Omenhausser, Civil War Sketchbook

John Jacob Omenhausser was a Confederate soldier imprisoned as a POW at Point Lookout, MD for a year, between June 1864 & 1865. He documented his time there in a sketchbook full of watercolors, this sketchbook can be seen here. Here are a few of his drawings.

Ebbet’s Field Flannels

Ebbet’s Field Flannels makes some great looking uniforms from obscure, defunct sports teams. Or they’ll make something custom for you. Attention to the fabrics, patterns and details of the classic stuff obvious in their recreations.

Happy Easter!

.. from the creepiest, Florist-shop-window-display mannequin ever!  Saw this guy while we were on the road in Virginia.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

Our Drive to Georgia

Well, it started with some of the worst weather I’ve ever seen (we drove through Virginia & North Carolina not knowing over 60 tornadoes were occuring), but the days after were beautiful.  And we ended up having a great time on our last minute roadtrip!  He’s a bunch of random snapshots..

Sorry We’ve Been Out!

Wow, sorry for the crickets here again.. there has been so much going on lately, I can’t keep anything straight!  We had to take an unexpected roadtrip to Georgia this past weekend.  It wasn’t for the happiest of reasons, but we ended up having an amazing time (despite driving through tornadoes in North Carolina!)  Funny how that works out.

Anyway, we’ll be back to normal hopefully soon.  Thank you so much for the understanding and loyalty!

New York To Los Angeles (and back again)

Here to There #20.  NY to LA to NY in 24 hrs.  Also, this is what $450 in cab fare looks like..

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy Birthday to the best Dad anyone could ask for!  We love you!

image by Mom Essenpreis


K + W

P. S. Not to worry, my Dad is a pro at throwing kids into the air.   :)


Baby Eagle Update: 1 Born, 2 to Go!

Man, I have been seriously watching this livesteam like a damn soap opera!  1 baby eagle was born this morning and is just about the cutest thing ever..  2 more to go today or tomorrow!

Here are some screen captures I took when Mama eagle was letting the little one stretch:

Brooklyn Motorized in The NY Times

So excited!  The electric motorcycle that Wes has been helping design & create for Brooklyn Motorized is being featured in the NY Times today! I’m so proud.

Read the article HERE.

images via NY Times

Buffalo to Toronto

Here to There #19.  Last Thursday.

General Curtiss Lemay’s Silver Wing Box

From the Wilson History & Research Center:

“This silver box featuring pilot’s wings belonged to United States Air Force General Curtis Emerson LeMay (1906-1990). LeMay organized the strategic bombing campaign in the Pacific Theater of Operations during WWII (1939-1945), organized the Berlin Airlift (1948) and restructured the Strategic Air Command of the United States.”

I think LeMay had an eye- this box is great. I hope the polish stays away because this patina is beautiful. It’s worth clicking on these photos for a closer look.

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