Quilt time!

Whahhhh? Well, soon. I wait for blizzards to come to get the best deals on vintage motorcycles. So the dog days are the right time to buy a quilt?


Andrew DeGraff

A few great recent pieces from our overly talented friend, Andrew DeGraff. We can’t get over just how freaking good he is.


Ebbet’s Field Flannels

Ebbet’s Field Flannels makes some great looking uniforms from obscure, defunct sports teams. Or they’ll make something custom for you. Attention to the fabrics, patterns and details of the classic stuff obvious in their recreations.

Powdered Iron Slugs For RF Coils Set

I was doing some very belated powdered-iron-slugs-for-RF-coils shopping tonight, when I ran into this complete set from the 1940′s.  This set is so complete I’ll be set for a couple of months. Surplus Sales says: Stackpole Carbon Co., complete engineering set of powdered iron slugs for RF coils. 40 different types with 10 – 15 per tube. Various grades, screw sites & body diameters. We suspect Circa 1940′s.”

Ancient Bicycle Ads

Sorry, but I forgot where I found these great ads, it was some museum archive…

Collection A Day

Here is a sampling from a great project, Collection A Day.

Maine Cap

A Korean War Veteran’s cap.

Colonial American Joined Chests

Watch Movement Illustrations

Flight Helmets

These are so awesome I can hardly stand it.  Be sure to click at the bottom to see all the photos, I can’t edit them down!


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Its time for a Mathis 333 Turbodiesel

Émile Mathis was a once an important French car maker, he started early on and had dealings with Ford.  He couldn’t get along well with the French government and eventually sold everything to Citroen. Soon after, he was probably pushed out of a hotel window, a little intrigue there. He and Jean Andreau developed this stunning little car, the Mathis 333, secretly, during the German occupation of France. This vehicle premiered at the auto show in Paris in 1946, but the French government would not let him produce it.  It featured monocoque aluminum body, and a 800 cc horizontally opposed twin cylinder engine, and it got superb gas mileage.  It only weighed 840 lbs.

Fast Forward 64 years: please, someone, make this again, include airbags, carbon fiber & aluminum, and side impact protection.  Match this light little car with Daimler’s efficient 800 cc CDI turbo diesel, (pictured at the end of this post, seen employed in the T800 diesel motorcycle) the one that is used in euro smart fortwos.

The smart fourtwos weigh 1850lbs.  I imagine a modern Mathis 333 could match the 1946 333s weight of 840lbs. With this diesel achieving 86mpg in the fourtwo, imagine what it would do in a 2013 Mathis 333 that could weigh half as much?

The fact that it is three wheeled means that it the US it would be legally considered a motorcycle.

And here is the Daimler Turbodiesel engine that the 2013 Mathis 333 needs…

Happy July 4th Weekend!

Happy 4th of July weekend, fellow readers!  Hope you all have a wonderfully fun and safe one.  Blow some stuff up.

Player’s Navy Cut & the faces of Hero

There is some sort of salty, seagull-sounding, 1910′s nautical feeling that I think might be contained inside an old Player’s Navy Cut tin on our shelf in the living room.

John Player’s graphics department was on a roll for years- there is something really great about almost all Player’s packaging and ephemera.  There is a gorgeous nicotine stained porcelain Player’s Navy Cut sign at my favorite bar that has been there for decades- the thing must be really nailed to the wall.

The mascot depicted in almost all Player’s Navy Cut packaging is named Hero, and his face constantly changes through the years of packaging, but no matter what he looks like I think he belongs in Marc Caro & Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s film “City of Lost Children”.

Toldeo Scale

I have to check in on Agent Gallery’s site every few weeks, whoever runs that place has a good eye. 1952 Toledo hanging scale.

Nixie Tube

Nixie tubes are the the coolest way to display a character electronically. Ipad, pod, neon, CRT tube, LCD display, plasma, none of it comes close to the Nixie tube.  I can’t really tell you why they are so cool, but I can show you.  Buy one here and here, or a kit here. Here is the wiki article.

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