Bates US Navy Dress White Leather Shoes

I can’t articulate it, but I kind of love these shoes. Bates makes these for the US Navy. I’ve had two or three of the US Army versions of these, which are black. You can usually find these in any decent surplus store, they are tough shoes. They are graceless, but there is an appeal in their brutal simplicity- that is, in black.

In white, they are surreal, and somehow I like it.


Bates says:

Lightweight oxford for US Navy dress uniform.

  • Leather upper
  • Breathable lining
  • Cushioned removable insert
  • Non marking Bates Lites® outsole
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Assembled in the USA

Satellite Images of Japan Disaster

It is unbelievably sad about Japan.  These before & after satellite photos break my heart.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone there.

Also, my sister-in-law posted this terrifying, 1st person video of the Tsunami hitting.  It starts off slow, but will shortly make the hair on your neck stand up..

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North Pole On A Nuclear Icebreaker

This Russian icebreaker, 50 лет Победы , is powered by two nuclear reactors and can plow through nine foot thick ice at three knots. This site chronicles a trip to the North Pole, I am sure tickets are pricey, but what an unusual experience!


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P-Jacket from Mister Freedom…

Glacier Graffiti

This is most likely Photoshopped, but still kind of  interesting.


Postlerferguson Boats “Wooden Giants”

Remember the buoys that we posted on earlier in the year? Well I recently ran into these boats by  the same London based duo, Postlerferguson.  Something about their eye reminds me of my friend Stephen’s eye.

Style Icon: Coney Island

Challenge #6 submitted again by courtney Coney Island as paired with Zac Posen’s S/S 2011 line, Z Spoke.  Sure could go for a Nathan’s hot dog right about now.

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Happy Long Weekend

Happy Labor Day weekend, dear Thersians!  May it be filled with BBQs, beer, and perhaps even a large body of water of some sort.

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Hurricane Portraits

Now that Hurricane Earl it officially cruising up the east coast, we thought it might be the perfect time to share this series of hurricane drawings created by our very talented friend, Stephen Floyd.  You need to click to enlarge, because each of the 30 hurricanes comes complete with a short and often hilarious bio.  I’m not sure if any of these are still available, but I’ll fight whoever gets in my way of owning one.

See the rest of the series HERE.

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The Vogue Italia Controversy

I’ve seen this Gulf oil spill-inspired spread from a recent issue of Vogue Italia around on various sites and I know it has drawn a lot of criticism.  I personally think the photos are haunting and beautiful, but yet still evoke the same sense of sadness that those previously published in various media publications.  Since the spill has been an ongoing topic in the media, it was only a matter of time before other media outlets (ie: fashion magazines) dealt with it.

Of course everyone is entitiled to their opinion, and I think some may argue that this spread exploits the spill and the sadness that surrounds it, but I think that Vogue rather smartly used this spread to make a statement and bring more awareness to all of those effected by it.

images via refinery 29

Thanks for the freebies, Brooklyn!

Things have been pretty chaotic around here recently, made especially so with the endless DIY wedding projects we’ve been working on.  I don’t know what crazy frame of mind we were in when we decided to take all of it on, but here we are finding, baking, printing, and constructing everything from our invites, to lighting, to our decorations (w/ the help of dear friends & family, of course!)

Since we’re paying for it ourselves, we are trying to stay on a very tight budget.. So when any possible creative freebies come along, we don’t hesitate.  We decided to pass on a professional florist and keep things simple with a mix of Georgia wild flowers and a couple of our personal favorites.  Instead of buying 100 + vases, we decided to take what Brooklyn itself was offering.. free glass bottles from the 1900-1950s!  Want to find out how?  Keep reading..

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Buoy Lamps

Here’s a little summer lighting idea c/o PostlerFerguson. Made from jet cut plywood, it contains a central neon tube, is finished in bare wood and has hand painted fluorescent highlights.  Cute!

(And I’m trying to ignore any other possible shapes that one on the left may look like alone..  Or is that just me? Anyone?)


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Freefall Dive, Underwater

This is pretty awesome.  This video was created  freedivers Guillaume Néry and Julie Gautier, and as they sum it up best by stating, “World champion freediver Guillaume Nery special dive at Dean’s Blue Hole, the deepest blue hole in the world filmed entirely on breath hold by the french champion Julie Gautier.”

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Late 19th C & Early 20th C Maritime

Following yesterday’s Players Navy Cut post, I figured I would put together a collection of images that further that sort of 1910′s nautical idea that I was describing.

And two stills from “City of Lost Children”….

Player’s Navy Cut & the faces of Hero

There is some sort of salty, seagull-sounding, 1910′s nautical feeling that I think might be contained inside an old Player’s Navy Cut tin on our shelf in the living room.

John Player’s graphics department was on a roll for years- there is something really great about almost all Player’s packaging and ephemera.  There is a gorgeous nicotine stained porcelain Player’s Navy Cut sign at my favorite bar that has been there for decades- the thing must be really nailed to the wall.

The mascot depicted in almost all Player’s Navy Cut packaging is named Hero, and his face constantly changes through the years of packaging, but no matter what he looks like I think he belongs in Marc Caro & Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s film “City of Lost Children”.

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