Our Drive to Georgia

Well, it started with some of the worst weather I’ve ever seen (we drove through Virginia & North Carolina not knowing over 60 tornadoes were occuring), but the days after were beautiful.  And we ended up having a great time on our last minute roadtrip!  He’s a bunch of random snapshots..


County Cork Painter’s Studio

Found my little home in Ireland!  It actually looks larger than it is, standing with only about 500 sq/ft, with the stairs, kitchen and bathroom all designed like that of a ship.. tiny and compact.

via ArchDaily

Brooklyn Motorized in The NY Times

So excited!  The electric motorcycle that Wes has been helping design & create for Brooklyn Motorized is being featured in the NY Times today! I’m so proud.

Read the article HERE.

images via NY Times

Buffalo to Toronto

Here to There #19.  Last Thursday.

General Curtiss Lemay’s Silver Wing Box

From the Wilson History & Research Center:

“This silver box featuring pilot’s wings belonged to United States Air Force General Curtis Emerson LeMay (1906-1990). LeMay organized the strategic bombing campaign in the Pacific Theater of Operations during WWII (1939-1945), organized the Berlin Airlift (1948) and restructured the Strategic Air Command of the United States.”

I think LeMay had an eye- this box is great. I hope the polish stays away because this patina is beautiful. It’s worth clicking on these photos for a closer look.

Dane Rowe Has A Fan Club

Dane Rowe has a Fan Club, inspired by her mix of style, looks and fearlessness on the racetrack. She’s an interesting lady, a coin expert now.  She was a sidecar-racer in the late 1960′s and 70′s, racing with her husband,  sidecar innovator Rudy Kurth.

Crazy Quilt, 1885

American, from NY, 1885, via the Met

Beverly Hills to Las Vegas

Here to There #18.   3 cities in 3 days.

Hidden Paintings (from the depths of my computer)

I’ve been in the process of completely redoing my illustration site, and weeding through the disorganized image folders on my computer.  Needless to say, it’s taking me forever.

The only fun part about it is rediscovering images of older paintings (all since sold) I never or forgot to post on my site/blog.  It’s kind of like pulling out that box of old clothes from you closet and finding a few keepers!  Here’s a few:

The Travelers (aka: The Hairy Curtains), acrylic on wood, sister to this

Indian, Elephant, Bird, Dog, acrylic on wood

Whippersnappers, acrylic on wood

Seven Minutes of Heaven, Flashe on wood, sealed in resin (not a great scan of this one..)

Oral Surgery, acrylic on wood

Secret Speakeasy Bowling Alley

This interesting prohibition era bowling alley was most likely a speakeasy back in the day.  It is in the basement of a factory in Ridgewood, Queens, which is adjacent to our neighborhood here in Bushwick.

via Scouting NY

Nick van Woert (and his plastic)

Nick van Woert… I look at this and bash my head, this is the same material we used to create our wedding lights, which van Woert uses so simply and beautifully. Why didn’t I think of it first! Damn!

Feel like having fun with plastic? This stuff is the shit.

Vintage: A Home

I may be the last person to know about the blog, Vintage, but when I stumbeled upon it, I spent almost an hour browsing.  Although I can’t read any of it, I gather a majority of it is the blogger’s own beautiful home.. which is pretty amazing.

One Hundred and Eight, Nils Völker

Neat installation by Nils Völker, via Today and Tomorrow. Love the reapplication of computer fans.

One Hundred and Eight – Interactive Installation from Nils Völker on Vimeo.

One Hundred and Eight – Interactive Installation from Nils Völker on Vimeo.

My Favorite Books: Part V

Well here’s another another one that wasn’t published last year (decided just to  take the 2010 out of the title from now on), but as I acquired it recently, I’m adding it to the list.

When I was about 8, a TV advertisement used to run for a local “themed room” motel that was located nearby.  They boasted having a jungle room, a Queen of Hearts palace (w/ heart-shaped tub), a caveman cave, and even a knight’s castle.  After seeing it a couple of times, I begged my mom to let me have my upcoming birthday party there, unable to comprehend that it was for ADULTS ONLY.  Luckily my mom sort of ignored the request and suggested that I have a sleepover at the house instead.

Anyway, when I saw this book, Love Hotels: The Hidden Fantasy Rooms of Japan, I was obsessed.  Alien Abduction Play Room?  Check.   Hello Kitty S&M Room? Check.  Subway Car Room? Check.  They even have a Gulliver’s Travels Room with some sort of creepy legged snowman.  Amazingly strange.

A few rooms:

Also see My Favorite Books Part I,  Part IIPart III, Part IV

All images by Misty Keasler

The Monsters of the Midway

People always seem a little surprised to learn that I’m a rabid football fan.  I don’t try to hide it, but I do tend to annoy people at dinner parties.  I live for the Chicago Bears and this Sunday they will be playing our oldest rival, the Green Bay Packers (boooo!) for a chance to go to the Super Bowl.  In anticipation of either the most exciting or disappointing weekend in the football season, I give you, the Chicago Bears of the 1940′s.

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